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Win the battle against yourself!

Oct 26, 20133 min read

The battle To win the battle against yourself, first, you need to understand what do you want most in your life? What can you not go a…

The Best Five Real Life Inspirational Stories

Oct 20, 20135 min read

With this many people around the world, we are bound to come across many inspirational stories. However, there are some specific cases, which can easily bring you…

(Video) Les Brown – It’s Possible

Oct 19, 20133 min read

Les Brown is probably one of the best motivational speakers. He can magnetize people when he is speaking, but as always he didn’t become one of the…


The one thing you should never settle for!

Oct 17, 20133 min read

So what’s the one thing you should never settle for? I’m going to tell you a short story and you tell me if it sounds familiar. There…

blindfolded, person, imagine. blind

(Video) Choose to be blind

Oct 15, 20132 min read

Imagine if you were blind – Complete darkness, no colors, no views, no beauty, just pitch black. If you were blind – Ask yourself how badly you…

How running can help you succeed?

Oct 14, 20132 min read

So how running can help you succeed in life? I would describe running as the best way to reach your self consciousness, to test your limits. So…

(Images) 10 Kick-Ass Inspirational Movie Quotes

(Images) 10 Kick-Ass Inspirational Movie Quotes

Oct 13, 20133 min read

 Sometimes Inspirational quotes and motivational quotes have the power to get us through a bad week, and can even  give us the courage to pursue our life’s…

Ray Lewis, photo

(Video) Ray Lewis Motivational Speech

Oct 11, 20132 min read

Ray Lewis Motivational Speech   Ray Lewis is considered as one of the greatest NFL linebackers. He wasn’t a prodigy, yet he managed to succeed, he managed…

10 Celebrities Who Were Homeless

Oct 11, 20134 min read

Life is tough and life isn’t kind to all of us. On a daily basis people lose their jobs, and their homes but still most of the…

(Images) 17 Inspirational Celebrity Quotes

Oct 9, 20133 min read

Most Hollywoood celebrities have risen to the peak of their careers through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Here is a collection of some inspiring and motivational quotes by some of…

Lebron James training in the gym

Amazing motivational speech video!

Oct 8, 20132 min read

Amazing motivational speech video Many of us will never chase our dreams and goals, because we are too busy worrying about others people opinion! You can’t give…

7 Reasons to smile

Oct 8, 20132 min read

Smiling is the best cure known to man, the more you smile the more attractive you get. One smile can say way more than words, so here you go…

(Infographic) 5 colossal differences between the rich and the poor

Sep 29, 20132 min read

Differences between the rich and the poor I have seen so many people asking “Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?” – and…

5 Self Made Billionaires That Started from Nothing

Sep 27, 20132 min read

Self Made Billionaires That Started from Nothing When it’s spoken about billionaires in today’s world, what most of us think is that they were rich before they…

(Video) How winners are made!

Sep 26, 20131 min read

Videos sometimes can provide the motivation we need that little push up to get us back on track, and I think that’s one of the videos that…

9 Killer Tips to Become a Winner in Life

Sep 25, 20133 min read

How and why you should become a winner in life! Since ancient times, society has always praised winners. Winning is and has become the central core of…

Why we win the lottery every day?

Sep 21, 20132 min read

So why do we win the lottery every day? Imagine that you play a game. The game gives you every day in your bank account $86 400.…


(Video) Dear Hard work!

Sep 20, 20132 min read

Why hard work is so important? There is times when people wonder what’s the secret of success and it’s pretty simple it’s just pure hard work, the…