Why you should advertise at Motivationgrid

1) Because our traffict converts

Our traffic is premium traffic with 80% coming  from the U.S.A, 7,5% From U.K & Canada and the additional 12,5% from all over the world.
Over 500 000 page views monthly.
80 % Google Traffic
10 % Direct 
7 % Social Media
3 % Referrals

2) Coinstatics offers affordable ad rates for companies of any size.

We offer different types of advertising ads which you can check below. We are also open to any advertising ideas you may have. We are sure that MotivationGrid will provide you with a superb arena for your advertising needs. With more than 100 000 monthly views Coinstatics is the perfect place for you to advertise your business.

3) We offer different placements to ensure that your advertisement gets seen by all of our visitiors

– Large Ad (728×90)*
– Skyscraper Ad (160×600)*
– Rectangle Ad (300×250)*
– Wide Ad (990×75)*
– Ad Button (125×125)*
– Background Ad*
– Pop-Up Ad

WALLPAPER AD – We provide a wallpaper ad that has a unique CTR of over 2-3 %. 

Acceptable Ad Formats: GIF, JPEG, FLASH

Please contact directly to inquire about availability.