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(Video) Ray Lewis Motivational Speech

This article was last updated on October 22, 2013

Ray Lewis Motivational Speech


Ray Lewis is considered as one of the greatest NFL linebackers. He wasn’t a prodigy, yet he managed to succeed, he managed to achieve greatness, through hard hard hard work. And what’s unique about him, is that he is a freaking monster. His work ethic is what separates him from others. Check out this amazing video – Ray Lewis Motivational Speech!

What do you do when nobody is watching?


Whatever you wanna do, go do it!

No matter what others say, if you want something you should go after it, nobody can stop you if you want it more than others. In life it’s not the smartest who succeeds, neither the most beautiful but it’s the one who works the hardest.

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I figured something out, there is no secret, whatever the majority of people were doing I found myself doing the opposite of what they were doing, because I wanted to chase something great.

Now that’s the difference why so few succeed in life. You can’t succeed if you do what others do, if you want to succeed you have to give more than others.

Don’t wake up without prayer

Never forget that it’s a blessing that we are alive, so always be grateful. I do it myself everyday, when I wake up – I am grateful that I’m alive!


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