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The Best Five Real Life Inspirational Stories

This article was last updated on March 7, 2022

With this many people around the world, we are bound to come across many inspirational stories. However, there are some specific cases, which can easily bring you to tears. We’ve compiled these five touching real-life stories that will move even the hardest of hearts.

The Best 5 Real Life Inspirational Stories!

5. Work With What You Have – The Story Of Panyee FC

Thailand might not be known for its football, but there is one team that made headlines all around the world. That is KohPanyee FC. The team built their own football field back in 1986, which interestingly enough was floating on water. You can watch the short film below.

YouTube video

4. The Amazing Story Of Bethany Hamilton

If one word should be used to describe Bethany Hamilton, that is perseverance. The surfing prodigy was surfing one day, when a tiger shark attacked her, off the coast of Kauai. In this accident, she lost her left arm. At this point, most would’ve given up, not only because of the injury but due to trauma as well. However, that was not how Bethany handled the situation, not at all. Her main goal in life was to become a professional surfer.

In 2022, Hamilton is 32 years old and her occupation is a professional surfer. Wow.

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3. Narayanan Krishnan: Chef For The Homeless

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Narayanan Krishnan is a chef who decided to dedicate his life to the homeless. He used to be a cook for a 5-star hotel when he decided to start waking up before sunrise. Narayanan did that so he can cook hot meals, load them into a truck, and travel more than 200km to feed those who are homeless in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Of course, he managed to do this with the help of a team of enthusiasts who were willing to understand and work for the cause.

Krishnan founded the Akshaya trust organization, which focused on feeding those who cannot afford food and offering them other free services such as haircuts and shaving. Aside from that, he feeds more than 425 indigent and elderly people every single day. This is outdated information, so by now, the number is probably multiplied.

In an article by CNN, it was reported that Krishnan is an award-winning chef who was supposed to work for an elite Switzerland restaurant due to being short-listed. However, just before that, he went on a visit to a temple in Madurai, where he came across a homeless person who was eating his own human waste. This was the moment that changed his life forever.

At this point, he abandoned his career and decided to dedicate his life and skills to those in need. Of course, his parents were not happy, but this was more than just “changing careers”. Through his non-profit organization, he’s provided more than 3 million hot meals.

In 2012, a movie called Ustad Hotel was released in theaters, based on the life story of Krishnan.


2. Dereck Redmond – Crossing The Finish Line At All Costs

This is a more popular story, but an extremely touching one nevertheless. During the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Dereck Redmond was running in the semi-final 200 meters for Men. However, at that moment, his dreams of winning an Olympic medal disappeared in a split second. During the race, Dereck faced a debilitating hamstring injury, which did not allow him to continue the race.

At this moment, he decided that he want to at least cross the finish line. While suffering his way through the track, a man jumped from the audience to the field in hopes to help Dereck through. That man was his own father. He arrived just at the right moment as it looked like Dereck won’t be able to get through the finish line, which they went through together.

You can watch the touching moment in the video below.

YouTube video

1. Terry Fox – Running To Raise Cancer Awareness

Terry Fox is one of the most famous athletes and figure in Canadian history. He used to run marathons, but was diagnosed with cancer in 1977, at the age of 19. This led to him losing his right leg. Terry realized how problematic cancer is and decided to make a difference and raise awareness.

In 1980, Terry began the “Marathon of Hope” – he ran 26 miler every single day in hopes to bring attention to cancer and instigate cancer research, by running all across Canada. After 143 days of running an 3,339 miles, Terry asked to be brought to the hospital. They found out his cancer was back and it spread to his lungs. He passed away, but not before he became a national hero, whose statue was raised in Thunderbay – head held high.

This absolutely is one of the most inspirational and touching stories out there.

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We hope these real-life inspirational stories touched and made you grateful. In life, we seem to focus too much on things that will not matter in the end. Staying grateful and enjoying the simple things in life should always be a portion of our daily life. For this reason, stay near your loved ones, show them you care, keep on smiling, and be happy because tomorrow is a gift for everyone.

Do you know other inspirational stories worth spreading? If you do, please leave a comment below!

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