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12 Donald Trump Quotes To Make You Think Big In Life!

12 Donald Trump Quotes To Make You Think Big In Life!

Dec 16, 20132 min read

Donald Trump is one of the worlds most famous business  magnates and investors. He is also an author and his net worth is around $3 billion dollars.…

10 Lies You Will Hear Before You Chase Your Dreams

Dec 14, 20135 min read

Unfortunately, just before you take your first step towards  pursuing your dreams, the  people around you, even the ones who deeply care for you, will give you…

How to Build a Positive Attitude in 10 Simple Steps

Dec 11, 20135 min read

Recently I’ve found out that I am a lot happier than most people. While trying to figure out why I’ve decided to create a list I think…

Top 10 Regrets People Have Before Dying

Dec 8, 20134 min read

A study by Bronnie Ware inspired a  nurse to interview a number of  her patients which were  in palliative care units and nursing homes who are seeing their…

It’s Your Dream – Motivational Speech from Eric Thomas

It’s Your Dream – Motivational Speech from Eric Thomas

Dec 5, 20132 min read

This is our 5th motivational video, it was edited a bit for a greater impact to the audience and of course as almost all motivational videos it’s…


Why The Time You Have To Chase Your Dreams Is Limited?

Dec 4, 20132 min read

Almost every second person thinks he has enough time to chase his dreams later on, and what he does at the moment won’t be for long and…

5 Life Lessons Arnold Schwarzenegger Taught Us

Dec 3, 20134 min read

Arnold Schwarzenegger  is arguably the best bodybuilder  in the history and definitely one of the best action superstars. He has won Mr. Olympia 7 times  (He is still the…

How to Stop Procrastinating in 5 Simple Steps

Nov 29, 20136 min read

Many natural procrastinators I know are people who are praised for their intelligence, and misinterpret that as a sign that they don’t need to have structure for…


Why You Need to Man Up and Chase Your Dreams

Nov 25, 20136 min read

After I started going to college I’ve been experiencing something really sad, a fact that makes me really mad. Almost 80 % of the students going into…


(Video) What Is Your Excuse?

Nov 22, 20132 min read

Today I’ve decided to show you another one of my favorite motivational videos – What Is Your Excuse, it’s a bit more of a basketball motivational video,…


How To Stay Motivated All The Time

Nov 21, 20134 min read

Staying motivated is a big problem in todays world and the big problem when you lose your motivation is procrastination. And procrastination is a tough to deal with. Most people…

43 Awesome Rare Quotes to Make You Get off Your Ass

Nov 19, 20135 min read

Today I’ve decided to show you some Awesome Rare Quotes that might shake you out a bit of your comfort zone and make you get off your…

Mahatma Gandhi – People Who Changed The World

Nov 16, 20134 min read

People who Changed The World – Week #3 Today I’ve decided to write about Mahatma Gandhi – the one who  freed an entire country with his peaceful…

(Video) The Best Motivational Video – Be Phenomenal

Nov 13, 20133 min read

Hey I am so proud to say that I have done all the editing on this video and I really think I managed to create one of…


7 ways to Optimize Yourself for Success

Nov 12, 20135 min read

The chase for success is a constant struggle. Success is often determined by one or two opportunities that you are presented with. If you do not capitalize…

Bill Gates – People Who Changed the World

Nov 7, 20133 min read

Today is the 2nd time I write about a person who changed the world. The first person I wrote about was Steve Jobs and so I decided…

How to turn failure into an advantage

Nov 1, 20133 min read

Did you ever attempt to do something and fail miserably? How about the first time you tried to ride a bike or the first time you tried…


Steve Jobs – People Who Changed The World

Oct 30, 20134 min read

People Who Changed the World Week #1 As of today our team decided to write about people who changed the world, so we could show our respect…