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How To Take Charge of Your Motivation as You Get Older

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

The old adage of “you’re as young as you feel” is overused, underwhelming and, quite frankly, pretty old itself. Yet finding new energy sources and discovering ways of motivating yourself everyday are not only entirely possible, but are achievable in a way that increases with age.

So here we tell you about the insider secrets of looking good and feeling great at any age through tips that revitalize, refresh and rework your life, providing energy and motivation in equal measures.

The gradual changes of age: A quick overview

Let’s start with the bad but pretty obvious news: we change as we age. There, I said it. It’s vital to accept this, and moreover to understand the science behind such changes. And whilst these points may look pretty depressing, in the next section we tell you all about how you can overcome each of them… with a few energy and motivational boosting bonus tips to boot.

The brain slows down
As we age our grey matter loses the neurological paths and connections that make up both memories and cognitive functions (or ‘thinking’, to you and I). However much of this can be attributed to these physical paths and connections falling into disuse.

What’s more in the majority of instances we do little to make the most of our brain power, and as we only utilise a mere 10% of our brain structure there’s plenty of potential for our older years.

Energy levels dip

As we age our energy levels wain. This can be down to a few factors, including changing sleep patterns as well as falling muscle quality and slowing metabolism (which can also see us piling on the pounds). Yet these are all scientific processes that can also be attributed to lacking exercise routines and the wrong diet choices that become ever more impactful as we age. Of course there are ways to rectify these problems.  A balanced and healthy diet can be a very important step to increasing energy levels as well as monitoring sleep and finding the best times to wake.

Aches set in

Where arthritis may be apparent it’s vital that you consult with your Doctor, however beyond this, and for the more typical of aches and pains there are manageable reasons such as excess weight, lack of exercise and decreasing joint cartilage to blame


The six secret tips on our ultimate cheat sheet  – How To Take Charge Of Your Motivation

Appreciate the power of the mind

The mind is an amazing organ, yet it is drastically misunderstood with vital functions that remain pretty mystical within the realms of modern medicine. One thing that we know however is that memories and cognitive functions fall away without frequent stimulation. So provide your grey matter with puzzles, crosswords and memory games. Take up a new, challenging hobby and adopt a holistic approach that makes the most of both mental exercises as well as brain foods such as oily fish, dark green leafy veg and avocados.

Focus upon your fitness. And don’t think that age is an excuse

Your fitness levels are integral to overcoming so many aging ailments. From falling energy levels through to weight gain and finishing with disrupted sleep patterns. So get down to that gym, walk around your park or work out with a fitness DVD. And be sure to make it a daily occurrence. Set your eyes upon that weight loss goal, aim for a measured amount of muscle gain and sign your name up for that half marathon.

Know that phrases such as “You are what you eat” become ever truer when searching for hidden energy stores. Eating just the right amount of the right foods is essential in finding hidden energy stores, with iron rich foods, eggs, soybeans, whole grain cereals and guarana all serving to energize and invigorate (recent research also argues that the optimal plate of food for increased energy consists of a fruit or veggie + a whole grain + lean protein +plant-based fat + herb/spice).

Challenge yourself. Everyday.

Finding age defying motivation levels should be defined by challenges. So set goals, let go of fearing failure and focus upon always moving the goalposts onto something more challenging. And if it doesn’t scare you, then your goals aren’t big enough.

Be positive. It may just help you avoid that upcoming winter cold.

Let’s move from a pessimistic view of our older years to an optimistic one. After all you are wiser, likely more self-assured and (perhaps most importantly of all) more time rich and financially freer than you ever have been before. And with positive minded people being significant proven to suffer less from illnesses you may even avoid that seasonal cold that has plagued your latter years.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Laughter is the best medicine, and love is the lifeblood of a long, happy and healthy life. So above all of the advice here focus upon nurturing your happiness and set out on a path of discovery: for your fitness levels, for your state of mind and for your overall well-being.

So how do you feel about getting older and motivation, will you be able to keep up?

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