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How to Compliment a Guy Without It Being Obvious

This article was last updated on September 5, 2017

In the dating world, talking to women goes together with making compliments. It’s such a big part of it, that somehow everyone accepts it as the norm. While it’s part of the game and it leads to positive emotions, the male population is left behind. But guess what? Men respond to praise. We love compliments and are actually pretty selective with the people we choose to keep in our life, depending on how they treat us in terms of the small things. That means whether or not they give us compliments, the right kind of them, and at the right time.

Normally, I advise guys how to date in the modern world. However, this time I want to address women. Your man will probably never admit wanting to hear one of the things below, but trust me on this, he does. So here’s what you can say:

How to Compliment a Guy Without It Being Obvious

  1. Test the waters.

Now I know you want to do something new in your relationship, or see how your dating life will be if you’re the one with the compliments, but let’s keep this under control in the beginning. Just experiment for now. Start small. Meaning, if you’re already with the guy, throw in different kinds of compliment every few days, see how he reacts, see what he does after that, and whether or not his overall attitude towards you (or life) changes. Yes, that can happen.

But you need to do it right. Otherwise, he’ll see you’re up to something, might start analyzing it, and this can even lead to an argument. You might make him feel weak, as suddenly giving tens of compliments for no particular reason would make him question his masculinity.

  1. Agree with him in different ways.

If you want to make a proper compliment to a guy (and really have a positive effect on his self-esteem), show him he’s right when he really is. But get creative and let that be a compliment of encouragement too, or a reminder that you are attracted by him, or a proof of respect. Here are some examples.: if he just started going to the gym, stop every now and then to touch his muscles.

That itself is enough to tell him ‘You really weren’t joking about getting in shape!’ Or tell him he looks more handsome or manlier than ever now that he’s sweating a few times a week and living a healthier life. When it comes to fixing something, be surprised that he could really fix it fast. Remind him that a week or so later. This shows that you do need him. So often women forget to remind men of that simple fact, that it makes us feel unnecessary.

  1. Boost his ego when he least expects it.

Spontaneity plays an important role here. It’s often obvious that if he puts on a suit once every few months, you’ll look at him with different eyes that night and will say something about how good it looks on him. But what about the times when he least expects it?

For example, tell your guy he looks extra charming when he’s just woken up. Or mention how you love him even more when he’s thinking he’s forgotten something on the way to work. Why not text him that he’s achieved so much for the time you’re together, and you can’t wait to see how further he can get. That shows that you believe in him and are absolutely sure he’ll succeed.

  1. Tell him what he loves to hear.

Now here’s one of the biggest differences between men and women. You might think he wants to hear certain things, but you’re probably wrong.

Here’s what we actually feel like hearing:

  • that we’re thoughtful;
  • that we listen to you enough and you know we care;
  • that we’re handy;
  • that you feel safe around us;
  • that you love our arms (or any other particular part of the body that is shaped);

You get the point. So go over to your guy today and tell him that you’ve noticed how he treats your family and you respect him for this. Tell him that admitting being wrong makes him even sexier in your eyes. Tell him you’ve never felt safer with anyone else. Say you’re lucky to have him.

  1. Flirt with him.

It always surprises me how many people stop flirting after they get a bit more serious. They’re missing out on a lot. Flirting isn’t just about winning a partner, it’s not just a game you play in the beginning. It’s crucial for keeping the relationship going too, and making the other person feel loved. If you were playful during the first few dates, but stopped that once you knew he was only seeing you, it might make him think you aren’t that interested anymore.

To boost his confidence a bit more and remind him of how much you liked each other from the very first meeting, get back to teasing, making compliments, challenging him, being mysterious, etc. That can be to put on your most charming smile and look at him in public or to whisper something naughty in his ear. Bonus points for you as this makes you look more confident, as study suggests. So, I think these tips should be enough for you to go make your guy feel special today.

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