think positive, the power of positive thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking and How It Changes Your Life

This article was last updated on January 27, 2022

The Power of Positive Thinking

What is Positive Thinking?

Have you heard about positive thinking and its power on people and you’re wondering what this is all about? Well, you need to know that it is a mental and emotional attitude that is concerned about the good, bright part of life and that it is focused on expecting positive results from life. The person who has positive thinking expects health, happiness and success and is convinced that he or she can overcome any obstacle that might occur in a certain period of difficulty during life time. However, not everyone accepts positive thinking in their lives, and some people even consider this as a nonsense. The power of positive thinking is increasing in popularity and nowadays, you can find several evidences of it in various books, studies, courses and lectures. However, before you start you need to acknowledge the existence of positive thinking, it is not only enough to be aware of its existence in order to use it in your own life, as you also need to adopt this attitude as a style of life.

think positive, the power of positive thinking

How does it work?

The power of positive thinking is actually a style of life that we create for ourselves. In order to understand better, how the power of positive thinking works, it is needed to understand that it is actually something that we anticipate. For example, a person who anticipates failure in a life matter is very likely to meet failure, while things change for people who anticipate success. This is best described through an example using a job interview. Here you can see how this actually works:

  • A person who has low self-esteem and anticipates failure before a job interview is very likely to meet failure. In this example, the person who prepares for the job interview has a low self-esteem and considers that all the other applicants to the job are better qualified than the person in cause. This means that the person has his mind filled with negative thoughts, which negatively influences the job interview, by determining the person to act unnaturally during the preparation for the job interview. When the person is interviewed for the job, the person feels negative thoughts, tension and worries and thus his/her mind is distracted, which determines the person in case he or she meets difficulty on focusing during the interview. The created negativity can influence the outcome of it, and the person could affectively loose the job oppurtinuty. As you can see, the negative thoughts were actually the ones that altered the outcome, as the distraction of mind due to negative thinking determined in bad behaviour and bad impression.
  • In the contrary to the person in the first example, a person who has positive thinking anticipates success and properly prepares for the job interview. Being perfectly prepared gives a good overall mood and a sufficient confidence to the person being interviewed and thus he/she makes a good impression, which successfully ends with the person being awarded with the job.

Using positive thinking as a way of life

The power of positive thinking is unimaginably great and it helps people experience only pleasant and happy feelings, which have a positive impact on their lives. The positive thinking has the power on every aspect of your life-, as it makes you look and feel better and it helps you have more powerful voice and body language. The positive thinking is contagious, which means that it also affects the people around you by touching their subconscious through your feelings, thoughts, words and even body language. It is known that people prefer those who have positive thinking, instead of those who think negatively. Also, they are more likely to help you if you are positive, rather than negative. See also: (7 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Aristotle)

Instructions to follow

It is important to know what the power of positive thinking is in order to be able to use it in your life. However, after understanding what it is and how it works, it is also needed to be aware of some instructions on how to determine your mind to think positive in order to benefit of the power of positive thinking in your life. So here are some recommendations for you to use:

  • Acknowledge this subject as well as you can, by knowing its benefits, that allows you of being aware of the importance that has an impact on you. Although positive thinking belongs to the subconscious, it is needed to make everything consciously in order to be able to turn positive thinking into your way of life
  • Don’t bother about what people say or think about positive thinking and about the way you feel about it
  • Try to only anticipate favourable situations and successful outcomes
  • Use only positive words when you talk to others or to yourself
  • Smile as much as possible, as a smile is also part of positive thinking
  • Turn every possible negative thought into a positive one
  • Only expect good results and situations, regardless of the circumstances, as perseverance in thinking positive helps transform the circumstances into good ones

Bring Positive Thinking into your life

You need to be prepared to embrace the power of positive thinking into your life and first of all, you need to acknowledge that it takes time to do it, as things cannot simply change over the night. However, there are some things that you can do in order to bring positive thinking and its power into your life:

  • Meditation – according to some studies, meditation done on a daily basis can help you feel more positive emotions
  • Writing – it is said that writing about positive and good experiences helps giving a boost to your mood
  • Have fun – although you might feel as if you don’t have time for fun, play and entertainment, try to make some time for fun in your life and you will soon see the benefits that it brings into your life.

Using Positive Thinking to Ease Pain

According to a study, the power of positive thinking is also capable of easing pain that you may feel. With only a few minutes of positive thinking, you may considerably reduce your pain.

Negative versus positive thoughts

Both negative thinking and positive thinking are contagious. The way you think actually influences the way that those around you perceive you. For this, it is important to know that people are most likely to have a good impression on people who have positive thoughts rather than negative ones. Although not everyone is ready to accept your positive thinking and some might even consider this bluffing, it is very important that you fill your mind with positive thoughts in order to create a good impression and to bring success into your life.

Final notes

The power of positive thinking is what actually determines the outcome of the events in your life. As soon as you achieve positive thinking and use it in your daily bases, you will be able to positively change the circumstances in your life and benefit of the positive thinking’s power that it is capable of bringing into your life. You can easily do this by only following a few instructions and after using positive thinking in your daily life, you will soon start to enjoy its benefits.

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