How To Stay Motivated All The Time

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

Staying motivated is a big problem in todays world and the big problem when you lose your motivation is procrastination. And procrastination is a tough to deal with. Most people have hard time staying motivated but i am here to tell you that that losing motivation is something completely normal, we all have been demotivated especially when things go slower than we thought they will. But what we need to when we lose motivation is to find new motivational and inspirational sources. And as the old saying goes.. – Motivation is like bathing it doesn’t last long, that’s why you need it daily.

So How to stay motivated?

Remind yourself of your goals

When it comes to motivation, attitude is everything. And sometimes it gets boring down the road, because you do the same thing over and over again, that’s why i suggest you to remind yourself of your goal. Don’t lose sight of your goals, because then you might become less motivated. Write down your goal and put it up in your bedroom, inside your locker, on a school folder or as a screen saver on your phone or make a poster of it. Look at this EVERYDAY.

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Find the good reasons and the positive effects

Everything you do, has a good reason, and that’s why you do it. For example let’s say you want to lose weight, but you can’t stay motivated it. Just visualize the end result, just imagine yourself being in the body shape you would like to be. Feels good? Go hit the gym now!

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Now on the other hand If you’re ever stuck with some task you hate and there seems to be no motivation to complete it whatsoever, here’s what you need to do: find your good reasons. There are always good reasons in what you do, for example you hate studying, but you have to know that knowledge is power, and that’s a good reason to study more or you hate running but running is healthy and it’s one of the best way to lose weight. So no matter what you do always find the good reasons.

Watch, read and listen motivational stories or speeches

Watch inspiring videos, quotes or read inspiring articles, books and stories, and listen to music that pumps you up. Try finding success stories that are connected to your niche. For some extra motivation I decided to add this video – It’s a motivational video done by me! 

YouTube video

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Give yourself a break from times to times

Sometimes, you need a break. You may be burning yourselfout, and a break might be just what you need. Just spend few hours doing an activity that has nothing in common with your goal, this way you may clear your mind, and suddenly you will feel your motivation rising again.


Change your routine

Try from time to do things a bit different, for example if you go to the gym and you are used to using light weights try with hard weights and the opposite. Just try a different approach from times to times and it will really help you stay motivated.

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And every time you think of quitting, remember why you started. You know before getting the fruit, first you must plan the seeds. So don’t quit if you don’t see results. Actually if you plan on quitting don’t even start, because not starting and giving up after 10 years without achieving your goal is actually the same.


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