(Video) What Is Your Excuse?

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

Today I’ve decided to show you another one of my favorite motivational videos – What Is Your Excuse, it’s a bit more of a basketball motivational video, but the speech is just amazing and when you add the music it’s just a masterpiece. The video is mostly narrated by Eric Thomas and Will Smith – both of them amazing motivational speakers, like I’m telling you for real  – you will barely see a motivational video without Eric Thomas Speech or Will Smith speech.

What is Your Excuse?

YouTube video

When do you sleep 50?
-Sleep is for those people who are broke, I don’t sleep.

I love this quote so much, it just never fails to uplift me.. Like of course you need to sleep, but sleeping 6-8 hours is more than enough, sleeping 9-12 hours is something you can’t afford to do if you want to be successful, once you become though sleep 20 hours if you want, but before that remember that every extra second you are sleeping, somebody is working hard.

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You don’t want to succeed as much as you want to party..

You see guys, most people in this world want to succeed for just one reason, for the parties, for the glamour, for the fame not because they want to succeed in their field. You see if that’s your main goal don’t even bother to start no matter how talented you are. And guys when you want to succeed the thing you should never do is finding excuses, but what you should do instead is finding solutions, seriously nobody cares about your excuses.

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