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11 Simple Ways To Improve Your Focus

We all suffer from poor concentration at some point during the day. Our energy levels are not constant throughout 24 hours, and the lack of enthusiasm does translate into poor quality of work and mindlessness too. So, what we should do to overpower these dull moments and increase productivity at work? Lets find out.

11 Simple Ways To Improve Your Focus

Keep a mix of things:

Plan your day such that you have a variety of activities to do throughout. Planning allows you to spice up your day whenever it goes monotonous, and your mind gets to do umpteen things without cutting on the excitement. Monotonous work wears the mind and variety helps kill the boredom too.

Thus, make your day a heady mix of interesting activities so that you never lose on enthusiasm.

Try doing hardest things first:

Hardest things require highest energy level; and, these require you to be deeply motivated. Thus, if you start by trying the most difficult task first, you can crack it with ease as you are at your best at the beginning. A dew-fresh approach with refreshed frame of mind allows you to take the challenge bang on, and you may find the task not so difficult as it appeared before starting. Successful completion of difficult task instils confidence in you and you start enjoying your day.

Taking big challenges first and beating them successfully retains your attention and you start doing your work with added concentration and more interest.

Kick away the distractions:

Concentrating on the work becomes a challenge if you are surrounded by distractions like mobile, television, internet, etc. You have to switch off these negative stimulators that may interfere with your sincere approach you adopt to keep glued to the work. Errors deter your concentration further, and these may cause a certain degree of commotion in you.

Keeping distractions away makes your task easier, and you may love to explore deeper your area of work if you are fully immersed in it.

Make achievements your yardstick:

You can excel more from where you stand at the present and so, you need to keep on challenging yourself. Thus, achievements are just the starting point for a new and more arduous journey. You should take success in some task, or in a portion of it, as a propeller to move you further in your journey of improvement. Thus, what you can do is just a positive way of telling yourself what you are capable of.

Finding what is attainable by you can help you stick to your work schedule better, and you will find yourself doing things with more interest when you can meet the work targets satisfactorily.

Lazying out is also required:

Sometimes, good stress caused by lazying out helps you achieve more and in a faster way. A healthy amount of stress causes by the need to perform better and to beat the deadlines is a must for keeping the attention levels high. Also, taking back seat gives you an opportunity to analyse your work better, and so, you must slow down at some point of work to explore faster and wiser ways of doing things.

Make room for discussions:

Constant working does need serious analysis too. If you are able to gather more learning about the way you are working by discussing it with team mates, you are likely to find better methods of doing it. Anything that makes your work easier is likely to catch your attention and you are surely going to include it in your action plan. Adopting new ideas definitely juices up the work. This ultimately reflects in better concentration and you start doing your work with added vigour.

Take criticism constructively:

Sometimes, you fail to deliver as per expectations and then begins the post-mortem of how you work. It is very important to understand that you are criticised only for the sake of improvement. Make serious note of problems that are appearing in your work. And, try to implement changes suggested.

Stay self-motivated and strive for better working practices. If you do not adopt positive outlook towards the suggestions and advices, you are likely to develop an aura of mistrust around you. Too much of thinking in negative direction simply destroys your confidence taking your mind away from work. So, adopt positive attitude towards criticism to bring in better focus in work.

Do what you love:

Immersion happens automatically if you are indulged in doing the thing of your interest. If you adopt your hobby to make a living, you are likely to give 100% of yours mentally as well as physically. A person can be trained only to an extent; his natural instincts cannot be moulded completely to turn him into something else.

Thus, if the gap between what you love to do and what you are doing is fairly reduced, you will find yourself doing the work with better concentration. So, make wise choices and keep reinventing yourself. Living the same life every year is certainly not the way, in fact, you should keep on rotating between the routine work and newer additions to keep yourself involved in work.

Set realistic goals:

Trying to achieve the impossible is not the right way of doing things always. You need to understand your limitations and should set the goals that are challenging yet attainable. You can achieve better focus in work if you set work targets wisely. Living under a constant pressure of delivering something that you are not capable of is likely to push you into the well of dismay and you will start doubting yourself unnecessarily. Repeated failures need self-assessment and if the goals are the culprit, revise these on priority for better output.

Be comfortable with the use of newer technologies:

Sticking to older technologies may result in your putting undue effort in doing something that can otherwise be done in a jiffy with the help of updated counterparts. Thus, keep reading about the new work modules and try to implement them in your system. If you are updated in the ways of doing certain jobs, you are likely to feel more motivated to go for bigger and better challenges.

Streamline your day:

If you have a list of incomplete tasks all around you, it means you are actually not there and this way, the day is likely to get wasted with nil output. So, start by chalking out the day plan so that you know what needs to be done next beforehand. The zeal to reach to the next task can motivate you to do the job in hand with better concentration. This is one of the easiest and most practical ways of increasing the focus in work.

Learn the art of mastering your vices by converting them into your virtues. Every human being has a resource pool of his own, and he needs to make the best out of this pool to bring quality to his work and also to his life. So, start by taking things one at a time and move further with confidence. Ability to concentrate increases naturally when you start doing things in a planned manner.


How to increase the focus in work is something that everybody needs to know when the going gets tough. So, in order to keep the tough going, think of ways to indulge yourself better in your work. It is important to maintain your productivity as well as deeper commitment towards the work.

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