tricks for landing your dream job

5 Unconventional Tricks for Landing Your Dream Job

This article was last updated on March 14, 2022

Statistically, there are over 150 job applications for every job posting listed out there. The job hunting jungle is crowded and highly competitive beyond any doubt. Each job seeker is looking to land a job, or, even better, their dream job.

What could set you apart from other candidates looking to poach the same dream job? Beyond the conventional tips and tricks, you can let your creativity run loose. Here are our picks for five unconventional tips that may land you precisely the position you’ve been dreaming of.

5 Unconventional Tricks for Landing Your Dream Job

  • Use Social Media as Your Resume

While many aspects of the job hunting-job landing cycle haven’t changed much since the 1970s, there is one key factor that’s a game changer: technology and social media. You surely have a LinkedIn account, a Facebook account, a Twitter account and for those of you who aspire to enter creative industries, a Pinterest or an Instagram account.

These social media outlets may work in your benefit provided they’re properly curated. Use them as your modern business cards and build integrated coherent portfolios based on your social media activity.

A growing number of hiring managers check out potential candidates by accessing their social media profiles. As such, why wouldn’t you make it count? Start a blog that will allow the development of a brand identity. Make the blog relevant for your career aspirations.

Last but not least, curate your social media activity so that nothing you wouldn’t want your prospective employer to see doesn’t transpire. When employing social media as your resume, you’ll find that it opens a lot of opportunities for communicating with the company you are interested in.

For instance, leave bright and informed comments on a prospective employer’s blog. As long as the post falls under your exact area of expertise, you have the liberty to showcase skills and creativity that might not be easy to show off during an interview. Link this post to any relevant information on your other social media accounts.

This is a brilliant way to masterfully include your online activity in a sort of 21st-century virtual resume. Hiring managers will get a clear view on your skills and dedication to your area of expertise. However, don’t overdo it. Once you’ve mastered the art of putting social media to work for you, log off and dedicate some attention to your physical resume.

  • Get Creative with Your Resume

A hiring manager will have stacks of resumes piling up for any given job application. It’s time you took a different approach to designing this key document that can make or break your dream. Creative industries allow ingenious tweaks to the classic black-ink-on-white-paper resume.

Graphic designers have the great advantage of turning their resumes into works of art centered around infographics that display all the info at one glance. Word clouds, infographics, campaign ads and many more work perfectly with the new trend.

Some industries may still stick to the conventions. Nonetheless, peruse some fantastic resume designs and steal a couple of details that are subtle yet make a distinct note. Such an approach will show a vivid interest in the position you are applying for, dedication to your goal and a knack for creativity.

It may not be the right fit for all companies and dream jobs, but it’s bound to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Check these tips on how to prepare for an interview so you hit the ground running on the big day.

Tricks for Landing Your Dream Job


  • Impress with a Tailored Proposal

A creative resume supported by your social media stunts in a professional manner might just land you the interview for your dream job. However, a resume stands for the value you brought to your previous employers. Creative social media activity can prove skills.

Yet during an interview for your dream job, the hiring manager will want to know the value you can bring to that specific company. Plan one step ahead and impress with a tailored proposal. Do your research and find exactly what the company needs. The next step is to create a plan on how to tackle and solve those specific needs.

Not only does it show initiative, but it’s an active and brilliant showcasing of your skills and abilities.

Let’s say you’re dying to land a management position at Ikea. Since it’s one of the most popular furniture retailers in the world, it’s safe to assume they get more than their fair share of CVs on a daily basis. One way for you to stand out is to do your research thoroughly and create a flawless presentation on how to reduce overhead costs.

Make the best use of your skills and showcase your field of expertise in tight connection with your dream job. Most job seekers employing this idea are guaranteed closer attention from hiring managers. Creating a tailored proposal for your dream job is mostly synonymous with creating a niche for yourself. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

After you’ve finished tweaking your proposal, you can look into Ikea’s job application process and then send your presentation along with your CV.

  • Network Your Way into a Job

One of the savviest advice you can get on landing your dream job is to network your way into it. There’s nothing wrong with applying for a job through the usual means. Nonetheless, that’s what most job seekers do. As such, it’s a good idea to have a different approach that not only shows initiative, but also a great deal of courage.

There’s the added benefit of already having face to face time or, at least, a more personal connection to people who might be just the right persons to get you one foot through the door. One way to create a network is to research the company you wish to join. Research the professionals working there and contact them before applying for your dream job.

Start by emailing or phoning them and tell them how much you admire their work. Asking for advice never goes wrong. In fact, it’s one of the things most people will respond to. Building a connection like this may result in these professionals recommending you for the position fitting your expertise. If nothing else, they could help you get the application as well as the resume in the right hands.

You certainly heard about ranking job applicants through automatic systems. Partly, it’s true. When hiring managers and human resources departments have piles of applications to sift through, an automatic system may go a long way. Nonetheless, the human factor is as important as ever.

The really good jobs such as your dream job are usually filled even before companies put them out on the market. From this perspective, networking your way into a job really pays off. Become friends with the professionals who work in the companies you’re interested in as networking always opens new doors.

  • Polish Your Skills

Last but not least, while you’re designing your master plan on how to land the dream job, take some time to master the skills your field of expertise requires. Engaging in a continuous learning and perfecting process turns you into an opportunity creator.

Polishing your skills means that you can deliver strong results throughout your professional career. Don’t slouch or become overconfident. Great companies are always searching for people who are open and willing to learn in addition to being not afraid of engaging in continuous education.

Here are our five unconventional tips to help you land your dream job. Of course, there’s more to do once you’re one foot in the door. Check these Forbes tips on how to choose the proper attire. These two aspects are really important in landing you the job of your dreams. Good luck in your search!

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