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The 10 Best Investing Podcasts For Real Investors

This article was last updated on June 10, 2022

Over recent years, podcasts have become one of the most popular mediums on the internet. Their accessibility and easy-to-listen-to nature make them a preferred pastime for many people. This is especially true for those looking to multitask and make the most of their time while commuting or doing chores. However, podcasts can also be very informative and a great source of knowledge. As such, it comes as no surprise that investing is one of the main topics in the field. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular investing podcasts available online.

What Are Investing Podcasts?

Podcasts are a form of audio broadcasts that are available on multiple online platforms. They take the age-old format of radio shows and broadcasts and repackage it for modern audiences and outlets. While not invented by Apple, podcasts gained widespread popularity when the software giant became the first major company to provide official support for the format in 2005.

Ever since then, the industry has been growing, and now you can listen to your favorite show on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google, and more. While there are all sorts of topics from politics to science fiction available, investing podcasts have definitely become some of the most popular.

Through podcasts, financial advisors, specialists, and gurus have been able to impart their knowledge to a broad audience of listeners. If you have a lot of downtime in your daily schedule, then investing podcasts might be just the thing for you. They are great for people with a long commute or those performing a lot of tasks that do not require too much focus. Supplementing such activities with an educational podcast can allow you to learn new subjects and broaden your horizons while still maintaining your schedule.

Top Podcasts By Category

Stacking Benjamins– Best Investing Podcast

The Daily– Best News Podcast

Unchained– Best Crypto Podcast

Mad Money With Jim Cramer– Best Trading Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast– Best Real Estate Podcast

The College Investor– Best Investing Podcast For Young Adults

We Study Billionaires– Best Profile Podcast

Top Investing Podcasts

While there are hundreds of useful and educational investing podcasts out there, some are definitely better than others. Bellow, we have listed some of the most popular shows on the internet and what makes them so interesting.

Mad Money With Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer is one of the most famous personalities in the world of finance. His CNBC show Mad Money created a whole new genre of financial entertainment. Through his wacky antics and zany character, Jim both entertains and educates people who want to invest and trade on the stock market.

Today, Jim Cramer has migrated his patented approach to entertainment to the field of investing podcasts. While still under the CNBC umbrella, this is a more personal format where Jim provides advice and tips to his loyal listeners of more than 15 years. New 40-minute episodes are posted weekly and include all of the familiar segments, including the infamous Lightning Round.

Airs: 3 – 5 Times A Week (Daily)

Episode Duration: 35 – 45 min

Hosts: Jim Cramer

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits is a very popular investing podcast that has consistently remained in the top 10s in multiple countries. Hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson, the show talks about the market, its trends, and what to invest in. Meanwhile, the two hosts give the format a lot of personality and add a bit of lifestyle content on top by talking about their own lives and habits.

New episodes air on Wednesdays and Fridays, giving listeners a rundown on the market. The hosts will also discuss recent events in great detail, analyzing what their impact on the markets will be. Additionally, as is the case with most investing podcasts, this one also features regular appearances from guest hosts.

Airs: Wednesdays and Fridays (Twice a week)

Episode Duration: 20 – 60 min

Hosts: Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson

CNBC’S Fast Money

Another example of a popular CNBC show that has become an investing podcast, Fast Money, is a great way to get the rundown on all of the latest stocks and developments in the industry. Hosted by Melissa Lee, the show features a variety of guest hosts, all of which are experienced investors and industry professionals.

Much like the TV show of the same name, the podcast airs five times a week, from Monday to Friday. Usually lasting about 40 minutes, each episode breaks down developments in the brand’s patented no-frills style. This gives listeners all the important information they need in an efficient format.

Airs: Monday to Friday (Daily)

Episode Duration: 20 – 50 min

Hosts: Melissa Lee

The Motley Fool Podcasts

The Motley Fool is one of the most popular online publications when it comes to investing and finance. Since its establishment in 1993, the company has provided financial advice and educational material to millions of readers. Today, it offers a range of services, both free and paid.

As such a large platform, it is only natural that the Motley Fool has expanded into podcasts. They have a range of five different shows covering topics like personal finance, investing, industry developments, and more. The most popular one by far is Motley Fool Money which is a weekly show rounding up the biggest news and developments. It also features guest hosts on a regular basis. These have included famous investors, entrepreneurs, financiers, authors, and more.

Airs: Every Tuesday and Friday (Twice Weekly)

Episode Duration: 35 – 45 min

Hosts: Chris Hill

Top Profiling Podcasts

Invest Like The Best

Invest Like The Best is a weekly podcast that airs on Tuesdays. On it, host Patrick O’Shaughnessy conducts in-depth interviews with distinguished executives, investors, and other business people.

Together, they discuss topics like investing, the market, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the global economy, private equity, and other investing opportunities. However, these conversations often turn into comprehensive analyses of the topic at hand and insight provided by the week’s expert. This is in part due to the fact that each topic is chosen to coincide with the guest’s field of expertise. We have also written an extensive guide about crypto for beginners that will help you learn more about how to invest like the best.

Airs: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Twice Weekly)

Episode Duration: 60 – 120 min

Hosts: Patrick O’Shaughnessy

We Study Billionaires

As part of The Investor’s Podcast Network, We Study Billionaires has a massive audience. In fact, it is the platform’s most listened-to show. Hosted by Stig Brodersen and Trey Lockerbie, this podcast takes a deep look at some of the most successful people to have ever lived and tries to discern what makes them tick.

The show’s distinctive format revolves around developing in-depth character profiles of successful entrepreneurs. These look into the person’s history, background, approach to investing, and other important factors. As a result, the show gives its listeners an insight into what makes a successful business person and what they need to do to become one.

Aside from that, the two hosts also conduct interviews with guests on a regular basis. Subjects of the podcast have included Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and many more.

Airs: Every Saturday (Weekly)

Episode Duration: 40 – 60 min

Hosts: Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen

Best Educational Podcasts

The College Investor

As the name suggests, The College Investor is an investing podcast aimed at newly-graduated entrepreneurs and people in their twenties. The show’s host, Robert Farrington, describes himself as a “millennial money expert” and tries to educate younger people about the importance of investing from an early age.

New episodes of the podcast air “almost” daily and give advice on issues that many graduates face in their daily life. If you would like to learn about investing for the future, diversifying your income streams, or good strategies for repaying your student debt, then this might be the show for you. They also often talk about taxes and how to properly do them.

Airs: Twice Weekly

Episode Duration: 5 – 15 min

Hosts: Robert Farrington

Stacking Benjamins

A podcast about the basics of finance and starting out in the financial world, Stacking Benjamins is a great investing podcast for beginners. Hosted by renowned financiers Joe Saul-Sehy and The OG, the show offers great advice on topics from everyday habits to investing approaches.

The pair has a great online presence and fosters a supportive and friendly community. On their website, you will find additional content like educational material, online courses, blogs, and more. Most recently, Joe announced a book that he co-authored with Emily Guy Birken. Titled Your Super-Serious Guide To Modern Money, the book is set to come out on 28 December 2021.

Airs: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (Three Times a Week)

Episode Duration: 60 to 80 min

Hosts: Joe Saul-Sehy and The OG

Top Real Estate Podcasts

BiggerPockets Podcast

The BiggerPockets network is one of the largest and most popular sources for real estate investing advice. We have previously looked at the BiggerPockets YouTube channel, which has over 800,000 subscribers.

However, their most popular product is the weekly podcast that they release on Thursdays. Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, the podcast offers financial advice and insight from a variety of businesspeople and investors. Many episodes feature a guest host who will give their take on how to succeed and share their own story. While the podcast is real estate-focused, the hosts do cover other financial topics as well.

Airs: Every Thursday (Weekly)

Episode Duration: 70 to 90 min

Hosts: Brandon Turner and David Greene

Best Crypto Investing Podcasts


Unchained is one of the best places to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and everything else related to the revolutionary new technology. Airing once a week, the show features its host, alongside a different guest each episode. These include industry insiders, professional investors and traders, tech specialists, developers, and more.

The podcast employs a unique approach to tackling the crypto subject by steering clear of hype and fads. Instead, Laura and her guests will discuss the subject of crypto and its potential in depth. They also look at various projects and analyze their core value, pros, and cons.

Airs: Tuesdays (Weekly)

Episode Duration: 60 – 80 min

Hosts: Laura Shin

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Best News Podcasts

The Journal

The Journal is the Wall Street Journal’s very own daily podcast. Airing five days a week, it is the publication’s flagship show hosted by Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson. On it, they discuss important world events and their impact on the global economy.

While not an investing podcast in the conventional sense, The Journal is a great resource for professionals who want to keep up to date with all the latest developments. Catching up on all of the latest news at the start of each day is an important habit that every new investor should incorporate into their routine. This particular podcast is ideal for that, as it comes in easily digestible 15-minute chunks.

Airs: Monday to Friday (Daily)

Episode Duration: 15 – 25 min

Hosts: Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson

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The Daily

The Daily is The New York Times’ daily news podcast. Hosted by Michael Barbaro and featuring reporting from Sabrina Tavernise, The Daily airs five days a week. The show focuses on covering all of the latest news and events both in the United States and globally. Through the hosts’ highly professional reporting style and the show’s high production values, The Daily creates a great mix of informative and engaging storytelling.

The show is another great way for you to stay up to date on all of the latest developments and how they affect the market. Much like The Journal, The Daily is not an investing podcast per se. However, it is a great supplement for anyone in the investing sector, as you need to be ahead of the curve in order to succeed.

Airs: Monday to Friday (Daily)

Episode Duration: 20 – 60 min

Hosts: Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise

Planet Money

Planet Money is one of NPR’s many podcasts. This one focuses on all things money and is a great way for you to stay up to date with the latest developments in the financial world. While it does look at the overall global picture, Planet Money can be a bit US-focused at times. Some of the main subjects of the show include inflation, the Fed, various bills passed by congress, market trends, and the effect that global events have on the US economy.

What initially started out in 2008 as a way of covering the financial crisis at the time has now grown into one of the most popular financial podcasts in the world. The show airs twice a week, with a roster of ten different hosts. Each episode is hosted by one or more of these, focusing on a topic of their choosing.

Planet Money is another great resource for those looking to enter the world of finance and investment as it features detailed analyses and in-depth examinations of events in the financial world by industry experts and professionals. This is a great way to educate yourself about how macroeconomics work and what makes them move.

Airs: Wednesdays and Fridays (Twice Weekly)

Episode Duration: 15 – 35 min

Hosts: Robert Smith, Stacey Vanek Smith, Kenny Malone, Jacob Goldstein, Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Sarah Gonzalez, Karen Duffin, Cardiff Garcia, and Greg Rosalsky.


And there you have it! Some of the best investing podcasts available online. Any one of these is a great resource for learning about investing and managing your finances. If you want to get into trading or are looking to invest in something for the long term, you might not have the skills and confidence to do so.

While dedicating time to learn about these topics is always a great idea, not everyone can accommodate that in their busy schedules. Meanwhile, podcasts are a great way to get a lot of this information in an audio format that can easily fit into your timetable. Everyone has some time during the day when they are commuting, traveling, or performing tasks that don’t require a lot of focus. These are ideal times to put on a podcast and learn something new that will help you improve your life.

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