Master the art of never giving up,

8 Tips To Master The Art Of Never Giving Up

Our ancestors lived in a world free of technology. They had no access to cars, cell phones or the Internet. One advantage of their technology-free world is that they had to get things done the hard way. The art of facing struggles used to come naturally to them. Our ancestors became bolder with each struggle and never gave up easily.

The last 50 years or so there has been a paradigm shift in the way people deal with struggles. We have become used to a more sophisticated, laidback life controlled by money and technology. Look around and you will notice a lot of people giving up quickly without a struggle.

As an entrepreneur, I have come across many bright individuals with exciting start-up ideas. I followed their careers and noticed a common trait in most of them – they gave up their entrepreneurial dreams within 2 to 3 years. What drives an entrepreneur to abandon his/her dreams? Why would he/she give up so easily? These questions set me on the path to fighting the temptation to giving up easily. This article is based on what I learnt from my surroundings.

8 Tips To Master The Art Of Never Giving Up


  • Find an escape route to get rid of your past

Your past often influences the way you react to current situations. For example, a traumatic childhood or previous failed ventures may have disastrous impact on some individuals. They will find it difficult to pursue tasks aggressively or to take decisions at the right time.

It’s important that you find an escape route that helps you bury your past. This “escape route” could be a new venture or hobby that allows you to creative pursue your dreams without holding on to the past.

Embrace your escape route with joy and determination to lead a life free from the shackles of the past.


  • Seek an inspiring mentor

Is there an inspiring person you always look up to in your industry? Try to get in touch with him/her for guidance and motivation. The insights provided by this mentor will help you achieve greater things. Seek inspiration from online resources if you are not able to get in touch with a mentor in person.

Read awe inspiring stories of people who made it against all odds. Ideally, you should look out for people belonging to the industry you seek to make an impact in. Imbibe their values and lessons into your own life to take control of your future.


  • Build a mountain of self-confidence

A person who gives up on a regular basis is usually low on self-confidence. It is important to understand that you are:

  1. capable and talented enough to take on all challenges thrown at you
  2. no lesser than the most talented person in the industry
  3. strong enough to never face the ignominy of giving up (unless you have no other choice)

Self-confidence is like a tonic that rescues you from the pit of self-pity. Drink it in abundance and you will be charged up and ready for the world like never before.


  • Seek a shoulder to cry on

As human beings, most of us go through difficult situations. It’s okay to open up and cry once in a while.

You will need somebody to share your agony with. This person could be a loved one, friend or colleague. Releasing the sorrow within will ensure you feel lighter and happier to face daily tasks. Note down all the worries that bother you and share them with a confidante. Get their insights if necessary.


  • Maintain the perfect work-life balance

Your personal life should be in order to ensure you excel in your career. An individual bogged down by a broken relationship will begin to show signs of stress at work.

Pursue the perfect work-life balance by spending quality time with family and friends. Shower your attention and keep them happy to ensure they don’t feel left out while you pursue professional goals.


  • Make a goal to inspire and help others

Look at the people around you. Do they look like they need a dose of inspiration themselves? If your answer is yes, then you should help and inspire them in the best way you can. For example, there may be younger folks in the office who could do with some guidance. Project yourself as someone who is willing to help them achieve their goals at work.


  • Surround yourself with people who care about you

Get a pen and a notebook to jot down the answers to the following questions:

Q1. “Who are the people I hang out with the most?”

Q2.  “Do these people care about me?”

Q3.  “Are they a positive influence or a negative one?”

Q4. “Do they encourage me to follow my passion?”

Q5. “Am I better off without them for company?”

The questions above may need a lot of thinking to arrive at the right answers. It’s important to rightly identify people who care about you.

The answers you provide will shed light on the kind of support system you have around you. Do your answers reveal an inadequate support system? Maybe it’s time to search for a new group of friends. Or maybe you should seek old family or friends who really care about you.


  • Learn to stare at Failure and Fear in the face

The fact that you are preparing yourself to never give up doesn’t make you immune to failure. You will continue to encounter failure often. But the way you deal with it will set you apart from your past. Become mentally strong to view failure as a lesson for the future. Learn to have a backup plan in place to offset any losses that arise through failure.

I hope you found these 8 tips useful. I would recommend you go through these tips one-by-one to slowly implement them in your life.

Share your thoughts and queries in the comment box below! I look forward to your comments.

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