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10 Ways To Snap Yourself Out Of A Slump

Have you been there? Of course, you have. When you fall of the wagon and seem not to be able to get up. You’ve been doing so good and then something went wrong. But why, oh why, is it so difficult get back up?

You have to know that it’s not just you. Moreover, from a psychological point of view it’s NORMAL. It’s been proven that when we fail at keeping our resolutions, the best way for our body is to build up  more failures. Ironic, huh? But isn’t it that “since I’ve screwed up my diet, I might as well enjoy myself? I’ve already failed, why bother?” Here are…

10 Ways To Snap Yourself Out Of A Slump

1) Don’t aim to be perfect

It is compelling to say “Tomorrow is a fresh start! I’m going to nail it, I’ll be in beast mode!” And then life happens. You overslept, your car didn’t start, you cheated on your diet or you skipped exercise because you were lazy. Don’t assume you need to start perfect. Just start and and build up from there. It’s about progress and getting where you want to be.

2) Go for a walk… or to the gym

There is something about workouts that can’t be explained. If you study successful people, you’ll quickly notice that all of them exercise regularly. You might try it with reading, studying languages, writing a book… but eventually you’ll learn that it’s your physical conditioning that keeps everything together. Just go for a walk, a jog, do some yoga poses and you will get that energy that you need!

3) Recall the “WoW” moments in your life

Lethargy or stagnation, if you will, is the complete opposite of when we feel alive. Recall the moments when you felt that “that’s what life is all about”. When we are in love, when we run 10K, visit a beautiful place or see a child learn a new thing. There must have been times in your life when you felt that spark. The key is to constantly remember that there will be more of it!

4) Go back to what you didn’t finish

We all have unfinished projects. We start and then we stop and then we don’t continue. What do you do when you don’t finish a book and then you decide to read it again? You skim a few pages back to get yourself back there in the story. You’ve missed a training? Then start with a 15-minute jog. Consider it a warm-up. A little bit of prelude to the subject never hurts.

5) Set up a reminder

Let’s say you’ve chosen your first small step to get back to work, whether that’s reading a few pages but maybe tomorrow you will forget about it even though you just got back on track, so what do you do then? Set up an alarm or a reminder that will remind you that you have some work to do!

6) Get a Coach

Ok, you got your butt moving, now what? In my recent experiences I’ve realized how important is to have a coach, someone that holds you accountable. Yeah, I know that it requires an investment but there is nothing as rewarding as investing in yourself.

7) Strive for Simplicity

Take one thing at a time, deal with it and move on to the next step. Making a complex plan and long list is just another barrier, don’t do it. So set up small goals that are realistic and achievable, this way you will be able to track your progress easily. Take small steps and the results will follow!

8) Find time to enjoy life

Most people get in a rut, because they are so busy working that they forget to live. And then they feel depressed and lose their drive, don’t be one of them. Always find time for yourself. After all life the secret of life is enjoying it. If you love reading then find time to read, if you love going out then find time to go out. Prioritize yourself!

9) Find your trigger

They say motivation doesn’t last, so what? It doesn’t mean you can’t use motivational videos, like your idols’ speeches or favourite movie scenes. Embarrassing as it may be, at one point cleaning scene from “Limitless” and cocky studying part from “Legally Blonde” kept me going. The sound of engines from the nearby airport makes me feel rushed to learn more about gliders (ironically, no engine here) and conversations with my grandma about what changes in my life since the last time we saw each other make me want to make my family proud. Condition yourself to move your butt.

10) You will like it in the end

There is research about  human body’s reaction to the activities we tend to postpone or neglect. While monitoring the levels of hormones researchers discovered that even if you don’t want to do something (go for a run, study a language, do the project, etc.) you’ll feel instant relief right after you start doing it. Don’t think about the process itself, just start. If you don’t like it, you can always go back home. But what if you do?

You have a choice –  You can stay in your comfortable bed and keep finding new distractions or you can start improving your life, it’s up to you!

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