Afraid To Make Mistakes

Dare, Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes

Life is not a bed of roses at all and therefore every person who came in this world has to face the harsh realities at different stages of his or her life. During these stages, they are required to enhance or develop some kind of daring and adventurous personalities so that they are able to compete with the challenges of life in a successful way.

Therefore, in order to elaborate the effectiveness of daring in the lives of people, there are some quotes described below which are as follow:


Life is actually a daring adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

This is one of the most renowned phrases that have been said by Helen Keller who was herself the first deaf blind person who completed her graduation in Arts. Therefore, by the help of applying this statement in reality the importance of this phrase can be easily understood – difficult tasks can be easily performed and there is the likelihood that people could obtain required results in the end.

The above statement also highlights the importance of motivation through which a person can bring a change in his or her own life in the required manner. For instance, if a person is motivated enough to change her present scenario then he or she will start daring in order to make things happen. As a result, there is the likelihood that desired change could be attained after making continuous efforts in the right direction.       

All Glory comes from daring to begin (Eugene Fitch Ware)

This is another statement that suggests the importance of daring in a true manner. According to the viewpoint of Eugene Fitch Ware who was an author of the Famous Book, which is known as “The Indian War of 1864” that all beautiful things and praises starts at the moment when people begin to dare. Therefore, daring becomes necessary when you start thinking about achieving something extraordinary in your life.

One of life’s greatest risks is never daring to risk (Oprah Winfrey)

This is another famous saying that has been given by Oprah Winfrey who is perceived as a successful talk show host and philanthropist. According to her perception, daring is such an important factor that plays a crucial role in the life of an every individual. After exploring the above proverb, this thing can be perceived that risk taking appetite could provide desired outcomes in the lives of many people. If you are afraid of taking risks in your life then there is the likelihood that you will not be given chances to earn success in your life. Therefore, one should have daring and risk taking ability so that significant gains could be achieved in an appropriate way.     

Don’t be Afraid to make mistakes

In this scenario being a person you are supposed to see or observe a positive side of the image in reality. This is the way by which you are expected to solve bigger issues and problems with more focus and proactive approach. In this concern, you should also realize this fact that you are also a normal human being who will commit mistakes like others. Therefore, being a realistic person you should also accept your faults with grace so that you are able to learn positive lessons from these mistakes every time.

There are some quotes mentioned below so that people could understand the significance of mistakes in reality. These are as follows:

Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often (Mark Twain)

As far as the importance of this famous proverb is concerned – the people who are assumed successful and productive are the ones who believe in action rather than words. For instance, if you are action oriented person then you would make sure that you must have definite action plan in your life so that you can overcome your difficulties.. Therefore, people are needed to emphasize on the significance of influential actions in their lives.  

Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before (KushandWisdom)

In reality, mistakes are thought as the ways by which people make their lives better. If we observe the message of this statement in a detailed manner than this thing will become more prominent that mistakes do have long term influence on the lives of different people. At the same time, mistakes provide chances to people so that they could make appropriate changes in their approach and as a result they could become better human beings in future.

Every Mistake you make is a progress

This phrase makes an important point that every person who makes mistakes in his or her life is actually making progress. Therefore, people should not be worried by their mistakes at all as they should learn and improve from their mistakes.

Mistakes are meant for learning not for repeating

There is need of understanding the significance of this statement in a detailed way because this phrase suggests that every mistake provides learning opportunity. At the same time, people should make sure that they are not repeating and committing the same errors over and over. Otherwise, people will not be able to learn the lessons that can be learnt from these mistakes. Therefore, mistakes should not become your habit or any kind of repetitive action as it could harm your progress to a great extent.      

The above scenario indicates the strong relationship between the two aspects, one is daring and other is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This relationship could be understood by this attribute that daring people actually make mistakes in their lives and they are not hampered by those mistakes.

As a result, they achieve glory or any significant results in the end so it could be said that extraordinary people possess daring nature and they are not afraid to make mistakes in order to learn something uncommon. While normal people do not have daring appetite so they avoid failure and by doing so they are unable to achieve glory in their lives.

Final Words   

Bold people perceive mistakes as a part of life and at the same time they try to learn from their mistakes and failures and by doing so they are able to take their lives to the next level. Now, stop worrying and start daring, life won’t wait for you.

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