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You Are Awesome: 6 Ways to Start Believing In It

Everyone talks about the potential we all have within, and yet you rarely have the chance to show off your talents, reach big goals, master a skill, or perform great at work.

It might be because you’re living in your comfort zone and rarely challenge yourself, or maybe you got discouraged to pursue your passions a long time ago and just entered the regular adult world (meaning, you graduated and got a job in the field).

It may be because you’re afraid to fail, listen to those around you who aren’t the best supporters, or lost hope in turning your vision into reality.

But guess what? That’s just the beginning.

There really is potential inside you and it’s waiting to be unleashed. It takes some time, effort and personal development to get there, though.

Luckily, the first step can be taken quickly. It’s about believing how awesome and capable you are, and thus building the momentum to take action upon your objectives.

So here’s a list of reasons why you should be proud of who you are, together with proofs that you’re just getting started and, if you put your mind to it, you can have anything:

You Are Awesome: 6 Ways to Start Believing In It

1. You make mistakes, and you learn from each of them.

Failing at a thing or two is inevitable. But if you give up easily there’s no possible way to get any further.

Instead, you should turn to one special human trait – finding the will to try again after failure, taking the lesson, and being even more motivated to succeed next time. No matter if it’s developing your skills, learning to approach new people or starting your own business. Mistakes and failures are necessary, as they lead you to further success.

If you do that enough times, eventually you’ll get where you’re headed.

But the dialogue you have with yourself after failing is crucial. You’re either telling yourself you’re worthless and can’t achieve that, or you accept that you’re now better prepared and more experienced and that gets you a step closer to succeeding.


2. Every idea in your head can turn into something big.

Look around and notice all the great inventions you’re surrounded by. Things would have been different if their creators had believed what people were saying about their ideas at the time.

Some of the most successful people from history were considered crazy by the mass. But in their minds, they were seeing what was just an idea for anyone else, as if it was already real and people were using it to make their life easier and better.

That’s what you have too. Your mind can give birth to a million-dollar idea, or a game-changing one.

Such ideas are everywhere, actually, and they often pop up in our heads in daily situations in the form of random thoughts. Most people ignore them, then complain they don’t have an idea to start a business, or even what to do with their free time.

Your job, however, is to notice such ideas, because your curious and creative mind came to that conclusion after combining seemingly unrelated things from your inner and outer world.

Then, just like you should take chances in life, you should see if that idea can be turned into something more, create a strategy, make a plan, and act upon it.


3. You change every day.

With every next morning, you wake up as a new person. What’s awesome about it is that you have control over what direction your transformation takes. With the right mindset and actions, it can be positive and you’ll always be on the grow, turning into a better, smarter, more successful version of yourself.

How can that happen? Well, for a start by working only on things that give you results and not wasting most of your time during the day. Then, there are your habits. With some discipline and patience, you can build so many good ones that don’t need to take longer than 5 minutes daily, but which will keep you healthy, focused, productive and peaceful.

Don’t sabotage your happiness by accepting your current self and your life the way it is now as the only stage of your life there is. Know that any moment you can change, you just need to be concentrated on the positive kind of change and not let someone else control it.

This thought itself – that whoever you are, whatever situation you’re into right now, can be different tomorrow – is one of the best things about life and human potential. Remind yourself of it often and smile about it. Then, go do something to wake up a little stronger and better tomorrow.


4. You can help others in so many ways.

Another great thing about you, that you might have forgotten somewhere on the way, is that you can motivate others, be the change in their life, alleviate their pain, or just put a smile on their face and make their day.

That can happen by being kind, mindfully listening to them, smiling to strangers, showing appreciation to those you respect when they least expect it, helping friends go through a difficult period in their life, say ‘thank you’ more often, give your time to people when they need some company and encouragement, give advice when you can, and more.

All these little acts of kindness are also acts of love and heroism. The surprising thing about being grateful and doing good in life, is that you do it without asking for anything in return, but you receive twice as much anyways.

That comes in the form of feeling good about yourself, living in abundance, having more people love you, receiving more opportunities, being satisfied with your life without trying to change it, etc.


5. Prove people wrong.

No matter what you’re doing with your life, there will be people to disagree, to judge and criticize you. Well, guess what? You can prove them wrong by aiming even higher and getting what you want.

There’s no better revenge than letting your successes do the talking. Along the journey, you’ll build discipline, will find your purpose and set goals, will gain confidence and feel comfortable in your skin. Slowly, but steadily, you’ll be improving every area of your life and anyone would be able to see that.

But for that to happen, you’ll have to be more action-oriented. There will be naysayers, and you should be okay with that. Learn to accept rejection and to keep in mind that often, it has little to do with you, and more to do with the person giving you negative feedback and his issues.


6. Get better at what you’re good at.

Focusing on your strengths is a better way to start believing in your capabilities, rather than constantly trying to improve your weaknesses.

So find what you’re good at, and dedicate time to it almost daily. It should be something that comes naturally, and which you’re passionate about.

Study the market, connect with like-minded people, and look for ways to monetize that skill. Whatever it is that you can do, you can probably find a way to make money from it online. Then, if you’re ready to do the work and create a business around it, it can become your career.

But even if you don’t want to get there, simply practicing what you’re naturally good at will give you confidence that you can later use when learning other things.

You’re awesome. And there’s nothing to change that.

Start doing one of these 6 things today to begin believing it even more.

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