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What Sochi Winter Olympics Can Teach You About Being Your Best

I’ve been watching and following the Sochi Winter Olympics. Watching these athletes at the top of their game, being their best. Seeing the focus in their eyes, the emotion on their faces at the end. Witnessing the end goal of their training, passion, and dedication.

I found myself wondering about their stories. Their journeys to get to the pinnacle of their careers. What trials they have been through. And what we can learn from them.

What Sochi Winter Olympics Can Teach You About Being Your Best

Before these athletes could go and perfom at the highest level at the Sochi Winter Olympics their journey has been long, arduous, and rewarding. Similarly, if you want to achieve success, you have to go through the same trials and tribulations.

Society has become expectant that everything should happen now. The mentality is one of immediate gratification, and that all success should be achieved with minimal effort.

Sorry folks, that is just not the way the world works.

Yes, things may have become easier. Technology has become more convenient. But we need to use these conveniences to our benefit. They are simply tools for us to get to the end goal – to be the best we can be.

What I love about sport, and the Sochi Winter Olympics in particular, is the elation of the competitors once they have achieved their personal best.

They may not win bronze, silver, or gold, but they know they have done their best. They have competed with the best in the world, and made something of it. They have used the experience, learnt from the experience, and will come back better next time.

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Successful sportspeople have that hard-working, dedicated ethic that is missing from most of society.
They know it takes grit, determination, and a daily grind to be the best. These sportspeople know they may not be the best in the world.  The only way they will be the best is to compete against the best. So should we.

You and I may not be any good at sport (I’m certainly not), but we all have something special. Something that only we can offer the world. Something that will benefit others – maybe even the professional sportspeople we watch on tv.

You may not believe me, but you do have something. I can picture you shaking your head thinking ‘rubbish, what could I possibly offer’. But think of it this way;

Why do people continue to try the same thing? Why do sportspeople continue to compete? Why do artists continue to draw? Why do new businesses continue to form?

The world record has already been set; a scene can only be drawn so many times; big businesses already exist in the market. What is the point?

These sportspeople, artists, and businesses believe they can offer something different. They have the passion. They add their own personal perspective. And they succeed.

Whatever it is you do, you do it your way. You improve on what you see others doing. You can achieve the same result as someone else, but by doing it a different way – your way. That is what will draw people to you and your success.

Being the best is not about what everybody else is doing. It is about you, and how well you can do it.

‘But how can I get there?’ you ask? With a lot of effort, and by being yourself.

You will need to put in those hard yards to be the best. Working continuously, tirelessly, to do what you want to do. Always learning, improving, wanting to be your best.

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None of this is worth it if you are not passionate about what you are doing. When you are passionate about something, you will put in the effort – and enjoy it. Your passion will filter through in anything you’re doing too. Passion will keep your head in the game during the hard times.

Records are meant to be broken. There is so much to learn and experience. Go and live it. Be your best.

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