sustaining motivation to reach your goals

(VIDEO) How To Sustain Motivation To Reach Your Goals

Motivating yourself to achieve something is only half the battle to success. That is so because we all possess a finite amount of willpower. Therefore, if we do not sustain our fleeing motivation, the desire to retreat from success will overcome us. Although on first thought this sounds discouraging, it really shouldn’t be. What you need to master, are the skills required to overcome this dependency on willpower.

Instead of constantly exhausting this brief self-control, you need to learn how to avoid temptation and instigate and sustain motivation.

1. Change your environment.

Basically, you need to stop fighting urges.  Make things easier to do, rather than harder, because your willpower will give up eventually. If you surround yourself with temptations, you will eventually fail. However, if you are overwhelmed by easing and motivating choices, they will become second nature to you.

2.  Change a fleeing second of inspiration into consistent commitment

In other words, do it right now. If you read an article that pumps you up about accomplishing your dreams, make a plan and start chasing it. Don’t expect a few seconds of adrenaline to last you a lifetime. Cultivate that rush into something meaningful and enduring.

3.  Get a coach

The easiest and simplest way to learn something is through the help of an expert. Don’t rely on your own self-taught methods too much, because they take too long and will eventually drain your persistence. Although coaching is expensive, it is ideal in situations where you find yourself in extremely unfamiliar waters. In order to avoid the costly fees of coaching, you can always trade some of your own expertise in return for their lessons.

On average, every person sends 25 percent of their waking hours trying to do the right thing, but we have a very limited amount of willpower to do it.

So, find a way to harvest your determination into a long-term success making machine!  Did you like this video? More of them are coming! Watch out for a new video every 10th day of the month on our Youtube channel and let us know what topics would you like us to discuss in our upcoming videos! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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