this video will give you goosebumps, i will win, motivational video

This Video Will Give You Goosebumps

People always ask me which is the best motivational video that I’ve created, well the answer to that question is I still haven’t created my best video and that’s what inspires me to keep producing new ones! My youtube channel has already passed 40 million views, but my drive to create better videos is still as strong as when I started and maybe in the future I will create my best video and stop producing new ones, but for now I will keep inspiring people in the best way I can.

This Video Will Give You Goosebumps

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Favorite quotes from the video:

Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Don’t wait for the ideal  situation, it will never be ideal.

Never be satisfied with yourself, always know that as you invest the effort and time on you.. that is the greatest ability that human beings have above animals. See a dog can be anything but a dog.. Tree can be anything but a tree.. Human being you’ve got unlimited potential.. You can put effort on you and by concentrating on you and developing you… You can transform your life wherever you are right now…

What will you leave, what will be different because you came this way?

You don’t need anybody to approve your dream, it was given to you. If they can’t see it, it’s because it wasn’t given to them. It was given to you!

I am going to be relentless.. I don’t care how many No’s I encounter.. Doesn’t matter how many failures I’ve made.. Doesn’t matter how many mistakes I’ve endured.. Doesn’t matter how many mistakes I’ve endured.. Doesn’t matter about my defeats.. Doesn’t matter about what I’ve done.. YES! YES! YES I CAN.

All movies, music and speakers that I’ve used are written in the description. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these videos please share them in the comments below.

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