strategies to build your online brand

7 Strategies To Build Your Online Brand

“What are the most effective ways to build by branding and credibility?” is the question that I’m asked most often by start-up and emerging entrepreneurs.

The answers have certainly changed in the past few years, and even in the past 12 months with new technologies, social media, and changes in the traditional media climate (Radio, Television, and Print)

The answer is also not always the same for every entrepreneur or start-up business owner.  So let’s look at the top 7 strategies we’ve found to produce the biggest return-on-investment for emerging businesses today.

7 Strategies To Build Your Online Brand

Write and Publish A Book in your field –  E-books are becoming so popular – one of the easiest way to build your online brand is by publishing a book. 

Blog Regularly (with both audio and video) –  Interview and feature other experts in your field. This will allow you to increase the visibility of your blog and website.  

Deliver Speaking Engagements and Keynote Presentations on Your Product or Service – Start locally, then go after the trade conferences in your industry. This will put you in front of key decision makers in your target market.

Conduct Surveys of your target market – Make the survey questions quantitative so you can create statistics that will aid in your sales and marketing

Write and Submit articles for consideration by appropriate magazines and online media. – Media outlets are constantly in need of content. If you can provide them with high-value content that they can post on their website, or in their magazine they are often accept content from outside writers.

Provide Free Educational Materials – You should have a free download, course, video series, workbook, instruction guide or tutorial that people can download from your website. If people are interested in your product or service area offering a free download can be a great way to engage a prospect.

Give Back to your Community – People are always surprised when I tell them I gain significant business from my philanthropic activities. The more you give back to non-profit organizations who have a compatible target audience or donor base to your customer the more visibility you want to that audience.

Remember, nothing helps your branding more than providing top-notch service, attention to detail, under-promising and over-delivering on your product or service’s results, and keeping track of those client or customer testimonials and reviews.  Never forget, in business as with most things in life, an overnight success takes 5-10 years. World-class brands are built in longer than that.

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