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The 5 Things Successful People Do To Produce More Results In Life

This article was last updated on February 16, 2016

Being successful and living a great life is not a dream. It is something that can be achieved by anyone who dares to dream and make it happen. Are you one of them?

The journey to achieving outstanding success in life is definitely not an easy one, but it is doable. And in order to get there faster, you have to learn to avoid the common mistakes and learn to take the shortest way to get there. You can do this by learning from other successful people. All you need to do is to replicate their success and try to avoid making all the mistakes that they made along the way. Here are the 5 things successful people do to produce more results in life…

5 Things Successful People Do To Produce More Results In Life

  1. They Know What Is Important And Do It First

Successful people know what is important to them. They know that watching TV and playing games or lingering in Facebook is not going to produce the result that they want in life. They know what they need to do and they will do it first. So each day, focus in doing the things that are most important to you that will give you the most results in your life. You don’t have to do all, but you just need to start and be consistent.

It is not about going all out and doing everything in the shortest period of time. It is about taking small steps, one by one, consistently each day. You write a book by first writing the chapters, then the sentences. If you go out and tackle the whole thing, you will exhaust yourself and give up real soon.

So ask yourself right now, what is the first thing that you have to do?  What are the things that are important to you and you must do? Do that first in the morning. Try to get that done as soon as the day starts. Effective people focus on the tasks that will get them the results they want in life. You have to do the same.


  1. They Focus In Their Strengths

You’re not a superman and you cannot do everything on your own. We have to understand our strengths. Just like Walt Disney has Roy Disney and Steve Jobs has Steve Wozniak – they balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We can only choose to do one thing at a time and that one thing must be in an area we are good at.

There’s a reason why in football there are attackers, defenders and mid-fielders. Everyone plays to their strengths and everyone focus in doing their own role. The same goes for you. You cannot be good at everything. There’s a saying, “I don’t know what is the secret to success, but I know the secret to failure is to please everyone.”

So ask yourself what is the one thing that will bring your business to the next level and do that. What is the one thing that you need to do to create the successful life you want? Put that as your first thing and focus in doing it.


  1. They Have Extreme Commitment and Determination

The great achievers have extreme commitment and they are very determined with what they want. They will never quit and they will do whatever it takes to get the results they desire. When there are obstacles, they try to figure out ways to get over them. They think positively and constructively. They always have a mantra in their mind, “When there is a will, there is a way.”

One of the best examples would be Nick Vujicic. He had no hands and no legs, but despite all the setbacks, he still managed to build a successful business and live a great life. Sylvester Stallone was born with half his face paralyzed, but he did not give up on his dream. He got tons and tons of rejections in his acting career, but he proved to us that commitment and determination can move mountains. Stallone became one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood in his prime time.

Always remember this; successful people are just ordinary people like you and me. It is just that they are more stubborn with their dreams and they hold on to their dreams until they make it.


  1. They Commit To Improvement

Leaders are readers. Great people read a lot and are willing to learn all the time. They know that if they want to be the best in their industry, they have to learn and improve themselves constantly. Look at those businesses and companies that did not innovate, are they still around today? In the mobile phone industry, where is Motorola and Nokia? They both were once the market leaders. In social network sites, we used to have Friendster, but now it is all about Facebook. If you are not growing and improving, you are moving backwards.

What you can do is to adopt the habit of reading. Try to commit to read at least a book per month from now on. You can read personal development books or anything that is related to your field. You can also attend seminars and workshops to learn directly from the best in your industry. Even better, get a coach and someone to guide you.

Read 2 books a month, and in an year you will have read 24 books. Do you think this will affect the way you think and your knowledge in the field? Of course, simply reading and learning alone is not enough, you need to…


  1. They Take Massive and Consistent Action

Successful people are not just talkers, they walk their talk. Learning and reading are not going to be enough; you need to unleash your potential by doing and taking action. Action is the bridge that link up your inner world and your outer world. It is the key to make your dreams into reality. And this is exactly what most people forget.

Most people are unable to attain the results they want in life because they fail to take consistent action. And the reason for this is because they don’t have a strong purpose. When you know exactly why you want something and you have intense passion for it, nothing can stop you. Some people are able to stay up late to play games, why? It is simply because they love doing it. Some people are able to wake up early at 6am to go for golf, and why is that? Again, it is because they have a strong intense passion for golf.

Steve Jobs said it so well, “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” You have to love what you do in order to do great work. And quality actions will never come without passion. Your passion is the fuel you need to drive yourself into taking action.

These are the 5 things successful people do to produce more results in their lives. Follow through as many as possible.

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