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The Three Most Important Words In Life

This article was last updated on October 27, 2015

Can I tell you a secret? There is a formula to living your best life. Another shocker is the fact that it is quite simple. So what is this formula you might ask? Be. Do. Have. Yes, that is the magic formula. So simple right? Yes, but most of us don’t apply it.

People tend to live their lives in the order of: Have. Do. Be. Which is completely wrong, however, understandable. We were all educated this way through our unorganized educational system. We are taught that if we want to BE that Fortune 500 CEO, we must HAVE the education and DO the steps a CEO would. Sounds logical, but it also sound average, and that’s because it is.

We live in an average world that is sickened with conformity. We feel compelled to fit into our environment. If your social circles tend to go party and drink, most likely you’d want to fit in. That is why they say surround yourself with good and like-minded people, because you will slowly mimic their actions. So people have conformed to the formula: Have. Do. Be. Let me give you a great example:

If you want to be like Bill Gates, you must to be like him now, do the things he would do, and you’ll have his lifestyle and finances. You don’t have to have his money and lifestyle first to do and be him. To achieve greatness, you must be the person you want to be now, do the things your dream self would do, and you’ll soon have that lifestyle of the person you want to be.

This is what angers me. My friend wanted to become a musician. He was very talented and passionate about music. He decided he would take his guitar and record the songs, and then upload them to SoundCloud. So when he told his parents, they told him that it was dumb and until he has the proper recording equipment, it would be pointless. They were thinking of the formula of have, do, be. They assumed that he must first have the studio equipment, then he can do his recordings, and then he’ll be a true musician. Well he listened to them. Now he regrets it. If he would’ve just stayed with his original plan and used what he had, it would be a completely different story.

I cannot stress enough on how important this formula is. Be. Do. Have. Be the man or woman that has your dream lifestyle now. Do what they do. If they workout daily and eat healthy, follow their footsteps. You’ll soon have that lifestyle. Want to be rich. Be a financially stable person, do what financially stable and rich people do with their money, and you’ll soon earn the money you like.

So how do you implement the Be, Do, Have formula into your life? Well, it’s easy..

The 3 Most Important Words In Life


When I say Be, I don’t mean to be Bill Gates. That would be impossible because only Bill Gates can be Bill Gates. What I mean is to be like Bill Gates or whoever it is you want to be like. Find out their story. Finding out their story will, find out how they did it. One person that I admire is Will Smith. He is the ultimate person to me. So i figured out his story and I was able to better understand him. By being able to relate to his life, I was able to find motivation.

After finding out their story, find out what you truly like and want to take away from them. If you want to be like them for their success but not their personality, that’s okay. I like the mind of Donald Trump. His resilience is amazing. He went bankrupt 4 times, yet he is still a billionaire. However, I hate his arrogant personality. So of course I don’t want to be like that part of Mr.Trump, and I am glad that I don’t have his hair as well.

This is how you become the person you need to BE. If you want to be a better version of yourself, write your ideal version of yourself. Write down what this ideal version of yourself would live like and achieve. Once you know specifically what you want to be, start molding this person. I know what I want to be like in the future, you should know too.

Remember, if you don’t become who you want to be, others will make you be the person they want you to be.


Now that you know who you want to be like. You have this ideal version of yourself. Now it’s time for action. This is when you start to do the things this person or ideal version of you would do. Again, using Bill Gates, you have to do the things he did to become rich. I’m not saying you need to start a business or anything, but that you need to do copy his habits. If he goes to bed early and wakes up early, do that.If your ideal version would exercise daily, well, do that. One thing my ideal version of me would do is focus on his appearance, so I focus on my appearance. I won’t even leave the house without looking good, even if I’m just going down the street to the store. Another thing he would do is be more confident and talk to women, so I focus and do that now.

It’s time for you to copy the habits of those you look up to. With consistent effort they’ll soon become your habits. You can’t be like your ideal version of yourself for few days and then revert back to the old you on days 4 and 5. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. If you have to exercise daily then you have do it everyday, no excuses.


If you follow the above steps, you’ll have what you want in life. This is the reward for being and doing. In some cases, you may have more or less than what you wanted to have, but you’ll still be closer than the have-do-be’ers.

So a quick recap:

  • Be- Be like the ideal version of yourself in the future, now. Find out what this version of you would do and be.
  • Do- Do the things and habits the perfect you would do.
  • Have- You will then start to reap the benefits and have what you want.

Now I really hope this touches and helps everyone that reads it. It is amazing how 3 simple words, and the way you arrange them, can change your whole life and future. It really has changed my life. In the comment section below, let us know what you took away from this article. Do you follow different principles or do you have a story that can relate to it. Better yet, tell me about the perfect you. I would love to hear more about it!



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