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Do You Have These 5 Things In Common With Super Successful People?

Does is seem like successful people just have it together? Ever wondered how they do it? One of the few things we have control over in life is our thoughts. Super successful people are completely in control of their thoughts. How we think determines how we act. In order to produce the results you want your thoughts need to be headed in the right direction and you need to be in control of them. With so many inputs vying for our attention it is critical that you protect your thoughts. Super successful people know this and take specific actions to ensure they are fully in control of their thoughts to ensure their success. So how do they do it and do you have these things in common? Let’s find out.

Do You Have These 5 Things In Common With Super Successful People?

Are you Grateful?

Something common you will find in those that are not successful is that nothing is ever good enough. You will hear them complaining about their circumstances even when things are going well. And, since misery loves company, they want to take you along for the ride. The super successful don’t play along. There are so many gifts and talents you’ve been given and it’s not worth your time and energy to listen to this negativity. Write down what you are grateful for and review those every day. The next time someone comes near you complaining about what they don’t have you can confidently stand there and know the blessings you have in your life and not let them affect your thoughts. This is powerful. Try it and you’ll like the results. Super successful people are grateful.

Do You Forgive?

Life is not without pain and hurt. At some point somebody has hurt your feelings, wronged you in some way, or said something that made you feel less than who you really are. Many of us carry this hurt around for years, if not decades. What we don’t realize is that by not forgiving others we hold ourselves back. Even though you may not be thinking about what someone has done, subconsciously you are carrying around resentment and pain that could be the thing keeping you from remaining ordinary and achieving greatness. Super successful people forgive.

Do You Avoid Negative People?

Although we’ve already briefly touched on negative people, let’s dig a little further. I believe this is such an important piece of your success yet often over looked. We all come across negative people in our day to day lives and some may be very close to us. I suggest you RUN from negative people. Why run? Jim Rohn has stated, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, and I believe it is, hanging around negative people increases your chances of becoming negative if you spend enough time with them. Have you ever noticed that person that has a sour look on their face or is constantly looking at the glass as half full? How did you feel after they left? I am guessing it was probably of a relief to see them go. The exact opposite is true with that person that passes you with a big smile and a warm hello. I am sure you’ve experienced that before. There is something about them that just brightens your day. Listen, it is almost impossible to completely avoid negative people, however successful people have learned to let go of the negativity around them. They don’t entertain living in someone’s misery. There may be some of your friends you will need to spend less time with or avoid altogether. Yes, this will not be popular. However, you are the only one that is responsible for your future. Give yourself the best possible chance of success. Super successful people avoid negative people.

Are You Intentional?

Living an intentional life is making a daily decision to live and act a certain way. For some, it’s getting up at the same time every day to exercise. For others, they may start their day by writing in their journal or meditating. Whatever it is you decide to do these decisions revolve around why you do what you do. Too many people go through life just going with the flow or taking things as they come. While there is a time and place for this, unfortunately much of what comes along is simply negative and has the potential to cloud your thoughts. If you let too many days go by in such a manner you may wake up one day and wonder what happened to your life.  Being intentional is often the difference between you making a choice or having choices made for you. Successful people are intentional.

Do You Smile?

Have you had a day where you were feeling down and someone passes and greets you with a big smile? How did that make you feel? Common courtesy is to return the gesture with a smile back, so I’m sure you returned the greeting with a smile. By doing this you probably felt a little bit different, right? The reason is that smiling causes a release of chemicals in your brain that lift your mood. Go ahead, try it. Give me a big smile. ☺ Did you notice a difference? I bet you did. Smiling and laughter are contagious. Check out this video. I dare you not to smile. Something that cute is definitely difficult to hold back a grin. The act of smiling will release chemicals that will give you a more positive outlook and influence your thoughts. Super successful people smile – A LOT.

Are you ready to take action and think how the super successful do?  The answer to this question is a choice, your choice. Choose to be grateful. Choose to forgive. Choose to avoid negative people. Choose to be intentional. Choose to smile. You have within you the ability create thoughts that will propel you to heights you never thought possible.

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