lessons men should know by 30

15 Vital Life-Lessons All Men Should Know by Age 30

In many cultures, turning 30 is a milestone for most men. At this age it is expected that men see themselves as a adults and act  accordingly. This is the time when initial worries about career, marriage and children usually kick in. If they haven’t taken any steps towards these goals yet. Unfortunately, there is not a book or class out there with a definitive explanation of what is expected of you at this age and with a universal formula proven to be successful for everyone. However there are certain lessons men should know by 30.

Therefore, the best way to get yourself ready for what is about to happen is to tick off a list of 15 lessons men should know by 30.

1.How to cook a decent meal

Yes, you are an adult now. You are living on your own, or sharing with friends or a partner. So, yes, you are expected to be able to cook at least one decent meal. Just to be clear – opening cans, except if they will serve as mere ingredients, or microwaving food, does not count.

2. Your sex life is private

Along the same lines of happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what happens in your bedroom after turning 30, should stay in your bedroom. You do not need to prove your talents to your mates anymore and sex should become less of a pass time and more of something that you enjoy with someone you care. Thus you will be less likely to be brag about to the guys.  This is one of the most vital lessons men should know by 30, I promise you!

3. That some things won’t suit you anymore

As you will probably notice, with age comes restrictions. You will feel you are not well suited for a certain activities anymore. It means leaving behind certain activities and replacing them with ones that are more appropriate for you age.  Just to name a few- binge drinking and partying 24/7

4. How to speak your mind

At this age you should have a lo about yourself and your preferences and you should feel confident in speaking your mind. You will be able to recognize your triggers and to set your boundaries. Even more, you will be prepared to do it without the need for dramatic scenes. Learn how to use these tricks in order to improve your career as well.

5. How to organize a proper date

The days of chatting up girls in bars and nightclubs will become scarce. As you grow older, you will also notice that the ladies of your age won’t be at those places anyway. Therefore, you will have to improve your date organizing skills: dinner, wine, chivalry, we are talking the whole nine yards.

6. How to take care of yourself

Now that you are probably out of your parents’ house, you should be able to take care of yourself. This includes basic things such as washing and ironing, fixing things around the house and first-aid procedures. Assembling furniture is also a fundamental skill for adulthood. However, nothing comes close to the importance of being able to tie your own damn tie!

7. How to pick your own clothes

At this stage, you know what suits you. You know your favorite color, fabrics, and brands. You might even have a style now. So be consistent for your own good, keep your wardrobe in check, and remember that it should also match your age. In addition, be aware of your career demands, so you don’t ruin your chances of a promotion over choosing the wrong shirt.

8. Accept that you have feelings

You are an adult, and this is all over your face. There is no way to pretend you are a teenager anymore. Therefore, it isn’t a problem to demonstrate your feelings here and there. Peer pressure is also fading away, and the demands of your adult life might make you more sensitive than you could have ever expected. So embrace it, figure out how to control your attitude, and let your feelings go free.

9. What a hobby means

Bars, nightclubs, watching football and hanging out with my mates. Is this what you answer when someone ask you what are your hobbies? Well, by the age of 30, you might have realized that this isn’t exactly the definition of the word hobby. Look for some new interests, such as start writing, drawing or even engaging in a new sport. According to the latest studies , improving your mental and physical state at this age is vital. Begin investing in your life starting today.

10. Have a healthy relationship with your mother

Probably taking a lead well before  the other lessons men should know by 30 is your mommy-dependency! We know you love your mother, and yes, that is how it should be. However, the kind of attachment you used to have when you were a child should not persist at age 30. That is so for numerous reasons, with one of them being the fact that it is a huge turn off for most women. In addition, don’t be surprised if your mother also enjoys the break.

11. Know what is important to you

It is mandatory that  when you turn 30, you have very clear in your mind what keeps you motivated. Here, we are talking about things you can’t live without and that you aren’t ready to give up for anyone. It can be values, religion, family, career, and even material things. At the very least, knowing your favourite at a certain restaurant. Knowing these things will help you with the next thing below.

12. Have a draft plan for the future

Of course, you can change your mind. However, by the age of 30 you should have drafted a plan of what you vaguely expect the future to look like. We are talking about relationships, career, where you want to live, and how you expect to be when you are over 60 years old. Life goes very fast when we are busy with work, so you will see yourself having to make time for such decisions.

13. How to save money

In order to achieve your goals, you will have to save money. Unfortunately, most of the things that you might be wishing for, such as a house, a trip around the world, a family and a retirement plan, will require some kind of payment. Therefore, you should open a savings account, look for some money saving tips and start setting aside money every month- no excuses needed.

14. How to stay healthy

Eating and drinking whatever and whenever in huge quantities will be a thing of the past. You will soon notice that losing weight will become more and more difficult and that your beer belly might start showing itself to the world. In addition, you will want to be more conscious about keeping yourself healthy so that you can age more graciously.

15. Be ready for what comes next

And last but not least, you should be able to face adversities and deal with your everyday challenges. There will be no mom or dad to back you up, and the trails will become more complex. So stay calm and get yourself ready for adult life in order to avoid stress taking over your life.

#In conclusion

Becoming 30 can be scary for many men, but it will also bring many opportunities with itself. You will be in control of your life and make decisions more wisely.  If the lessons men should know by 30, seem like a piece of cake to you, you are on the right path. Embrace this new phase and make the most of it. Trust in your talents and learn new skills. Fall in love and enjoy life. This is the only way to feel ready for the next milestone whenever it comes.

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