Reasons why you need a mentor

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Get a Mentor

This article was last updated on July 22, 2015

There is one thing all billionaires and millionaires have in common; mentors. You know those crazy guys who tell you what to do and sit on a nice comfy sofa watching. The people we dream of being one day.Well there is a reason why every successful person has many successful mentors… You can’t do it on your own.Here are a few examples:


We are not perfect and especially when you are starting out, guidance and mentoring can reduce failure and speed up success. Here are 5 reasons why you should look for a mentor today.


  1. Been there done that

Mentors have done what you plan on doing. So, if you want to become a super successful lawyer go find someone who has already done it. Every career path you take there are short cuts or snippets of knowledge which will save you months of searching and reading.


Imagine starting school again and you wanted to become an engineer but no one told you what you had to do or what you had to study. You would spend most of your time working out what you actually had to do instead of spending your time working towards your goal.


Mentors are there to give you the information you need to succeed, so you don’t waste your time running around in circles working out what works and what doesn’t.


  1. Unbiased experienced opinion

When you’re hurtling forward at 100 Kph with an idea of a dream you need someone to calm you down and give you advice from their own experience. More importantly, it will be completely unbiased.


Let’s say you had a great opportunity to start a new company. If you went to your partner or parent they may freak out! Think it will most likely fail and you will end up with no money. Well hopefully not, but they will give you an emotional response because they love you. Whereas a mentor will simply give you the advice you need to make the best decision for you.


This clarity that they have from their own experience will give you a clear direction forward.


  1. Contacts

Your mentors have been there and done it, got the trophy and partied all night. When they party they pick up some incredible contacts. Especially if they are in the industry you want to get yourself into. Unfortunately, the world we live in is who you know and not what you know. The other advantage is efficiency, you can spend years at networking events to build a contact list or you can build a strong relationship with an extremely trusted individual who has all the contacts you need. Their word will get you further in the door than any networking event.


  1. Opportunities

Mentors love to see their mentees succeed. That feeling as they grow and become successful is incredible. They will help you in anyway they can and you never know when an opportunity may arise.


It could be from finding you a business partner or even going into business with you. One of my mentors who is a close friend and advisor has introduced me to some incredible individuals who are guiding me to my goals.


These opportunities range from contacts, publicity, clients. You name it your future mentor will have access to them and the power to speed up your success.


  1. Clarity and goal setting

Your mentor is like your sports coach, they are there to guide you. Life is very philosophical and you need to be pulled about occasionally to find out if your goals are actually aligned with what you want from life. If your goal is money how are you going to achieve that? Is the route you are taking right for you? What happens when you reach that goal? How much is enough money for you?


If your goal is helping others, what is it you need to do. Breaking everything down step-by-step and explaining it to your mentor is a priceless exercise it will clear up your personal goals and it will make it clear to them what you want from them


Imagine yourself in the middle of a field and you have to get home. Everywhere is foggy and you can barely see 3 feet in front of you. That’s what it is like for you right now, you might not be able to see this but as soon as a mentor appears it will be as if the fog is lifted and you can see the path to success.

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