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Is ANKR Still A Good Investment In 2022?

This article was last updated on August 15, 2022

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is a volatile one. In recent months, we’ve seen the value of major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum skyrocket and then plummet in a matter of days. This high volatility is also present in the so-called altcoins, which have become so numerous that it is impossible to keep track of all projects. One of these is ANKR, which has garnered high interest among investors and enthusiasts alike due to its lofty goals. But is ANKR still a good investment in 2022? In this article, we’ll look at the current state of the ANKR crypto coin and analyze if it’s worth investing in for the long term.

Over the past week, the price of Ankr (ANKR) remained around $0.04549. The circulation supply is 9.6 billion tokens. The market cap went up to $443 million.

What is ANKR?

The ANKR token is the native cryptocurrency and governance token of the Ankr project. It is used to pay for transaction fees and maintenance. It is also used to reward users who stake their tokens and help to secure the network. The total supply of ANKR is capped at 100 billion tokens. However, not all of these are currently in circulation.

Holders can stake their ANKR and earn rewards. Staking ANKR is a way of supporting the network and helps to secure the blockchain. When you stake ankr, you are essentially locking up your tokens in a staking pool. In return, you earn rewards in the form of new ankr tokens. The more ANKR you stake, the greater your rewards will be. Crypto staking is a great way to earn passive income, and it’s also one of the easiest ways to get started in the world of cryptocurrency. When you stake ANKR, you are helping to support the project and its aims for a fully blockchain-integrated internet. It also makes the blockchain more responsive, reliable, and secure. Over its lifespan, ANKR has turned into a very appealing investment opportunity for many crypto enthusiasts who believe in the project’s success.

What Is The Ankr Network?

The Ankr project is a decentralized cloud platform that aims to make it easy for developers to deploy and run blockchain applications. The goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all your needs when it comes to developing, deploying, and running blockchain apps. The Ankr team is composed of experienced professionals from companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Alibaba.

The Ankr platform is built on top of existing cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This allows developers to deploy their applications on the Ankr network with ease. The platform is also compatible with a wide range of popular programming languages such as Java, Python, and Go.

One of the key features of the Ankr network is its use of sharding. Sharding is a process of dividing the blockchain into smaller pieces or shards. This makes the blockchain more scalable and efficient. The Ankr network is also very secure, thanks to its use of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus.

Evolution And Outlook Of The Ankr Platform

Although Ankr began as a decentralized cloud computing network (DCCN), the company is now focused on providing developers with the tools necessary to build web 3.0 apps. Today, it offers a series of SDKs and APIs that enable developers to utilize the project’s network of decentralized nodes. This helps them to easily set up and deploy blockchain and other web 3.0 apps.

Thanks to this forward-thinking approach, Ankr has managed to create a good position for itself. As blockchains and web 3.0 become more and more widespread, the project’s chances of becoming invaluable in the creation of this new internet increase.

This is perhaps best characterized by the fact that the project has received wide support from multimillion corporations and institutions across multiple industries. With such high institutional interest, the project is very likely to succeed in the future.

Key Factors For ANKR As An Investment

When looking at any crypto project as a potential investment, there are a number of factors for you to consider. Here are some of the main features of ANKR that will affect its future price.

Ankr Web 3.0 Integration And Cloud Computing

Ankr’s vision for the future is quite the ambitious one. The project aims to make blockchain integration more accessible to development teams, regardless of their size or field. This can speed up the adoption and integration of blockchain technologies across all industries and take us into the next stage of the internet.

One way they plan to do this is by providing a one-stop solution for developers. The Ankr Network is a decentralized infrastructure-as-a-service platform that can be used by developers to deploy, host, and manage their decentralized applications and smart contracts. This is made possible by the use of sidechains that are connected to the main Ethereum blockchain.

The sidechains are used to process transactions off-chain, which can help to improve the scalability of dApps built on the Ankr Network. This is an important aspect as one of the main issues facing Ethereum is its scalability. By using sidechains, Ankr hopes to offer a solution that will make it easier for developers to build dApps that can scale.

Ankr Node Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, one of the ways you can earn rewards with Ankr is by staking your tokens. When you stake your tokens, you are essentially locking them up in a staking pool. In return for helping to secure the network, you will earn rewards in the form of new Ankr tokens.

In order to operate, a blockchain using a proof of stake network mechanism relies on validation nodes for security. Node validators must deposit the necessary quantity of native coins in their wallets to gain rewards from their participation. This makes staking cryptos like ANKR a great investment opportunity that provides a passive income.

However, PoS validation can often prove difficult for the inexperienced. Operating a staking node is often a complex and highly technical task. Users must be well versed in computer skills and invest substantial funds in hardware.

Ankr eliminates these obstacles by allowing for node hosting for multiple parallel blockchain networks. The easy interface makes storing coins or tokens for the spin of a Node simple.

Liquid Staking

Staking is a way to earn rewards on your crypto balance by participating in a network’s maintenance. ANKR staking is a process where users lock up their ANKR tokens in order to help secure the project network and earn rewards.

Liquid staking is a new form of the process that allows users to stake their ANKR tokens without having to lock them up. Instead, ANKR tokens can be freely transferred between accounts while still earning rewards.

This allows users to earn rewards on their ANKR balance without having to sacrifice the liquidity of their tokens. In order to participate in ankr liquid staking, simply deposit your ANKR tokens into an ANKR-supported wallet and start earning rewards.

Ankr is also compatible with numerous other Ethereum-based blockchains. This allows for cross-functionality with the Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Kusama, Celo, and more.


As we mentioned Ankr seeks to cater to both small and large development teams. This means that many large corporations and other enterprise clients can also use their technology. This is a very important factor, as institutional investments and interest is a driving forces behind the success of crypto projects.

The strategy is already paying off as Ankr has partnered with the likes of Epic Games, Sacramento Kings, Portal, and other high-profile organizations. This has served to not only increase the crypto’s market price but its adoption as well. Another partnership could see Ankr assisting financial behemoth Mastercard in its foray into Web 3.0.

Is Ankr A Good Investment In 2022?

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there is always a lot of speculation about which coins are going to succeed and which ones are going to fail. This is especially true when it comes to newer coins, like ANKR. So, is ANKR a good investment in 2022?

ANKR’s price in 2022 has definitely fallen off from the high that it saw in November of 2021. While it has had many ups and downs, Ankr is still very popular among investors.

2022 might just be the perfect time to invest in Ankr. However, you will need to be willing to take more of a risk as it is currently an unpredictable time for the project and the crypto market as a whole.

How To Buy ANKR

It is incredibly easy for anyone interested to buy ANKR. The crypto is listed on most popular online trading platforms and crypto exchanges. Since many of these support fiat payment methods, you won’t need to go through a lot of steps to purchase your tokens. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can invest in ANKR.

1. Find a crypto exchange (CEX) that has ANKR listed

In order to buy Ankr, you will first need to find an exchange or marketplace that has listed the crypto. Luckily, Ankr is pretty popular and can be found on most major platforms. These include eToro, Binance, KuCoin, Coinbase, and many others.

2. Create an account with the CEX

Once you’ve chosen your marketplace, it is time to create an account. The initial process of registering an account is quite straightforward on most platforms and doesn’t take much time. However, you will need to verify your identity by providing photos of your ID, proof of residency, or others documents. The team that verifies your information can take up to 5 business days to process the request.

3. Fund your account

Now that your account’s been approved, you can move on to the next step – funding your account. This is not a necessary step on all platforms, as some allow you to directly purchase assets using a bank account or other linked payment method. However, most will require a deposit. Payment through a bank card can also be a bit slower, which results in greater slippage. Unexpected issues with payment processing can also result in missing opportune times to purchase.

4. Buy ANKR

Once your account has sufficient funds, you are ready to buy Ankr. You can now either select how much you want to spend or how many tokens you want to purchase. Although the result will be the same, the two options allow you to manage your finances better. Once you are done, confirm the transaction, and your Ankr will be added to your account balance.

5. (Optional) Transfer ANKR to a third-party crypto wallet

Most trading platforms have integrated crypto wallets. This makes it easy to purchase tokens and keep them on hand. However, if for any reason the platform wants to freeze your account, you’ve got no way of transferring your crypto assets. Additionally, they are not as secure as dedicated third-party wallets. For this reason, many investors use CEXs to buy crypto but then immediately transfer them to an outside crypto wallet like MetaMask. This gives you full ownership of your cryptos, and you can be assured that no one else will have access.


Ankr is an invaluable project in the field of DeFi storage. It supports the staking of the ANKR token, Ethereum, and several other popular cryptos. Ankr is a very promising project with a lot of potential. Thanks to increased interest from corporate and institutional investors and partners, Ankr is continuing to expand its ecosystem. This means that the project will continue to grow into new sectors and industries. If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-term investment, Ankr is definitely worth considering.

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