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9 Tips How to Become Mentally Stronger and Undefeatable

This article was last updated on March 5, 2016

“Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.” – Bruce Lee

Healthy self-confidence and self-respect are fundamentals when it comes to personal growth. Why did I mention it? Because once you have that, you feel stronger, and you don’t let circumstances take over you quickly. You have to work hard to keep your composure. Many people get caught up often in anger and frustration. They can’t control their lives because life controls them. If you can train your mind to react appropriately in a difficult situation, you’ve won. I know that this is easy to say but hard to do. But once you have learned it, it becomes a habit. Having and using this knowledge will make you undefeatable. Situations or people won’t control you anymore. You will be strong and confident when it comes to dealing with problems or obstacles. 

9 Tips How to Become Mentally Stronger and Undefeatable

  1. Know your qualities

And use it wisely every time you can. Work on more improvement and growth every day. We are not perfect in everything. Everyone excels in something. You should find what your qualities are and strengthen them even more. Master what you know and make it a benefit for you and people around you. You will feel more important and needed. You will be stronger and braver whether in your career or personal life.

  1. Help and inspire others

Maybe you wonder how this can benefit you. Remember that helping people will bring you satisfaction. Part of becoming stronger and sure about yourself is feeling good. If you inspire people, you will be inspired as well. You will personally grow. You will see the best of you and become motivated. If you are excited and happy, you automatically feel more courageous to take a challenge. Being undefeatable is the state of mind and feelings are an important part of it.

  1. Learn how to make a decision and stick to it

Make a decision which sticks. Don’t decide and then change it. Don’t hesitate. Don’t analyze. Don’t doubt yourself. E.g., if you choose you are going to exercise 3 times a week, do it. If you want to be in control of your life, you have to respect yourself as well as your decisions. Once your decision becomes the action and activity you take, nothing can defeat you and your powerful mind.

  1. Get rid of negative influences

If you have negative people around you or you think in negative terms, eliminate it entirely or as much as possible. Negativism affects your capability and certainty. It makes you weak and doubtful. People around us are often negative and pessimistic, but you have to learn how to separate yourself from this type of environment. You need to be encouraged and determined to achieve anything you want. You can do so only if you feed your mind and soul with the right stuff, and you are around the right people. Out there are many individuals who think the way you do. Get in touch and share your wisdom.  

  1. Set up a goal

Decide what your goal is and commit yourself to it. Make clear what you want and visualize the final result. Feel the satisfaction. It is important that you start with one step at the time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things at once. Maybe you want 30 more leads for your business this week, or maybe there is this project you wanted to finish and show your potential. Setting up your goals is a great way to give your life more meaning.

  1. Make a commitment to achieve your goals

After you know your purpose and the benefit it has, it is crucial to create a plan. Choose the right strategy on how to accomplish it. You cannot just decide that you are going to make $5000 extra income within the next three months but have no clue how to do it.  If you want to become stronger, you have to create certainty in what you are doing. You have to build your confidence and believe in your decisions. As you already know, failure is part of the process. Have you failed? The plan you have chosen didn’t work well? No problem. Start over. Taking action and changing what hasn’t worked is where you find out what means to be undefeatable and keep going no matter what.

  1. Be kind and forgive others

Forgive yourself and people who weren’t fair to you as well. Part of your growth is also forgiveness and kindness. Be kind to people who hurt you. Maybe you think that I’m crazy to say that but think about it. Being negative and angry means you are weak. You are gutless. You cannot get over what others did to you, so you choose to feel miserable about it. It is the easy way to go. But to forgive, to find peace within yourself and let go of what you have no control over, that is a strength. I am not telling you to be friends with those people or keep in touch. Forget about them. Forgive them and make peace with it.

  1. Know your weaknesses

Be aware of what your weaknesses are and take the opportunity to either improve it or avoid it in certain situations. You need to know what you are good at but also what you are not. Taking control over your life and becoming stronger means to understand as much as possible about yourself and accept it. If everyone knew everything, there wouldn’t be any business on this planet.

  1. Believe

Have faith in what you do. Believe in yourself. Every person has the ability and unlimited potential to create a life they want. The problem with many individuals is that they don’t think they can make it. If you don’t have the right belief system, you will never move forward. Faith gives you feeling of certainty and improve your self-esteem. We have tons of materials which can help you to develop your beliefs. Different things work for different people. Do you have your role model? What do you use as your psychological support? What extraordinary action did you take in the past and got remarkable results? What are your best accomplishments? Asking yourself the right question and finding the correct answers will guide you in life. Did you know that success is 20% action and 80% belief? You are in possession of your mind. As Napoleon Hill once said: “Whatever mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


Become mentally strong and self-reliant take time and dedication. There is no doubt about it. The beauty of it is that every person can do it. It doesn’t matter where you came from or what your background is. Everything is a matter of your decision and commitment to get out of your life the best you can. The human spirit is incredibly powerful. Once you build it up, it is hard to break it down.

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