How Life Changes When You Stop Waiting

How Life Changes When You Stop Waiting

This article was last updated on May 12, 2016

As soon as I’ve stopped waiting for something from me, life, and others, I’ve started to feel this life and… just live.

In return, my life has opened amazing ways and opportunities, which stayed unnoticed while I was waiting for something different…

Yes, many people live this way, and some of them will find it natural. But it has become a miracle for me, and I didn’t even hope for the effect it brought.

I’ve just stopped waiting for something. And it was the very moment when my soul felt so light and free. It was like I had started to live and stopped thinking about how to live. Just started.

I’ve stopped waiting for something from me. Before now, I waited for my force to reveal, hundreds of articles to write, dozens of books to publish, and so on and so forth.

I’ve stopped waiting for something from other people: recognition, kindness, responsibility, or appreciation.

And I’ve stopped waiting for something from my partner: his understanding and deeds in my judgement.

I’ve stopped demanding something from life to give me. I had a strange feeling of unfairly deprived inside as if I did so many things and tried so hard but got the same with those doing nothing at all.

Plus, I’ve stopped waiting for tomorrow to become awesome and erase all problems. Life changing lessons worked sometimes, but just for a while. My childish self waited for peace and serenity until my adult self realized that peace and serenity hid inside, not in the absence of deeds and problems to solve.

If you think that I do not have any plans now, you are wrong.

I have plans, but it appears that they are so miserable in comparison with those opportunities my life has for me when I stop to control everything and impose my views on how everything should happen.

Your expectations mark energy at one, maximum few, variants. As a rule, they’ve been built in your mind already, not letting energy move and bring the best options to your life.

And these best options are usually those completely unexpected.

I had a feeling of permanent waiting inside; hence, my mind had an idea of “how everything should be” and worked hard at the task of making that idea come true. I didn’t notice anything beyond those limits.

I always needed exact answers to all “how”: how to do this, how to tell about this, how to ask unknown people, how to write better, how to get more money, how something is going to happen, how to go there…


I needed this to control everything and eliminate the risk of making mistakes. I needed to know and plan everything in advance to prepare everything, do everything perfectly, and, what is more important, do everything… myself.

The question “how” became my shadow.

The most interesting thing is, I didn’t find answers when I needed. I got answers when I didn’t think about “how”. The problem was I wanted to get answers in advance.

It doesn’t work like this.

I got ready to do something. I wanted to complete the process of preparations before making something happen, but this process often was so long and painful that I did not have any strength left for action.

Having got tired of my straight-A pupil complex, I let the revolution happen:

  • Let it happen as it’s going to happen.
  • Just start, and you will see what and how you should do it.
  • When you need to know the answer, it will come.
  • When something should happen, it will happen.
  • Everything will happen the way it should happen. Let it happen the best way for me.
  • Oh my, it’s such an awesome feeling to realize what an unimportant thing all “hows” became.
  • Relax: everything will happen as it’s going to happen.
  • Do everything the way you can, not to be the best or ideal.

Since then, miracles happen in my life:

How Life Changes When You Stop Waiting

First, I listen to my inner voice now and come up with many ideas. I had it before, but I didn’t let myself turn them into actions without a step-by-step plan of “how” to do it. Now I find solutions in the process of my ideas realization.

Second, I do much more things now. I spent much time for planning and preparations before. It’s surprising, but I do everything better than I did when planned, checked, and prepared for it.

Third, I ask for what I need at this very moment. Plus, I learned to say no without expectations and fears that people would not understand me or take offense.

Fourth, I have so many exciting events in my life now! I am not in time with everything, and it happens with no enormous efforts from my side. I waited for something to happen. Now I wait and do something, not just react to what happens to me.

Fifth, I meet many interesting people now!  I stopped thinking about how to meet them or where to meet them, getting acquainted everywhere. It helps me deal with communication gap I had before.

Things have started to come into my life. Even those not working before despite my strong intentions and desires.

Everything is as simple as that:

  • No control
  • No need to know how it will happen
  • No expectations

Now I feel a life flow, its stream, and versatility. I answer to what my life gives me at the moment, and everything happens the best way for me.

The lesson to learn from this story?

Let it go.

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