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9 Non-Negotiable Traits You Need To Be Successful

This article was last updated on May 31, 2015

Achieving success in life is more about who you become than what you do.
The people we read about in Entrepreneur and Forbes are in there because of what they accomplished. But I promise you, what they accomplished is a product of the person they trained to become. Icons of power, knowledge and wealth owe their success to a few common character traits.

If you’re serious about achieving something extraordinary, start by becoming someone remarkable.

9 Non-Negotiable Traits You Need To Be Successful

traits you need to be successful, entrepreneurs

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To be passionate

I’m convinced that whenever you are starting something new you have to become the First Believer. Before anyone else will follow you, buy your product, or listen to your message they have to see that you believe in it. Once you do, that passion will spread like a wildfire!


To be responsible

Who’s fault is it that xyz didn’t work? Successful people don’t waste time pointing their fingers at others. They learn from the failure, take responsibility and instead of pointing fingers they get their hands back to work.


You are responsible for your own success. Not the market, not your circumstances, and not the people putting roadblocks in your way. Own your story.


No need to be perfect

I’ve met people who think they are a modern day savior and believe that attitude will gain them respect. Not a chance. People know you have issues because they have them too. Own your faults, make progress towards improving yourself, and build a team whose strengths support your weaknesses.


To be authentic

It’s a catchword these days but it’s never been more vital. People can spot a fake a thousand miles away; all they have to do is a Google search! Being true to yourself and your passion will go further than any forged advertising ever could.

Authenticity means you know yourself and you share that with others in vulnerability. Your first goal is always to connect with another person, nothing more and nothing less.


To be curious

If you want to change the world be ready to peak your head into places you’re not allowed to go and ask questions people will not like to hear. Curiosity is much more than the cute kid asking why a million times. It’s the grownup challenging the powers that be and making a stand that we can do better.


To be flexible

People who are inflexible get stuck. In my opinion that is the worst fate for any person, locked away in perpetual normality. Being flexible does not mean you have to be carefree and unorganized. Instead, it’s the confidence to change your plans because like a smart sailor, you know how to work with the wind to get you to where you need to go.



This one is the most difficult for me. Eating well, exercising, staying focused – they all take constant conscious work to implement. So many times the only difference between the person living their dream and the one thinking about it is that the first person bit the bullet day-in and day-out until they’re dream became a reality. Check out how to stop procrastinating in 5 simple steps.


Have self-confidence and grit

If you have ever tried to do anything outside of the box than you know what it’s like to get hit by a wall of no’s. Successful people have thick skin. They’ve learned the secret that no’s are just dirt and if you can last long enough to keep digging you’ll eventually start finding all those golden yes’s.


You are the first one you have to convince every morning that what you do is worthwhile. Be your own biggest supporter.


Success is not magic, but there is a recipe. As you become a person of high character success will begin to chase you.

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