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7 Lessons You Must Learn from Your Mistakes Before You Turn 30

In life you will make a lot of mistakes. And mistakes may not be so bad after all. Mistakes are an essential part of growth. I have had my own share of mistakes. And if I had to look back at my 20s perhaps I would have loved to do things differently. I would have loved to take more risks or fight more battles or have a go at more ventures. Truthfully before you turn 30, you would have enough energy to spare. As you grow older your passion and enthusiasm may begin to wane, but this is always the time to look back and know what you had gotten right or what you had gotten wrong.

Here are 7 lessons that could be life changing, should you learn them before you turn 30.

  1. They won’t teach you everything in school

I have to admit it, school may be overrated. While some may argue this, it is important to know that there are a lot of skills you would acquire outside school that would be beneficial for your long term success. Influencers like Robert Kiyosaki, James Altucher and Grant Cardone have argued the importance of getting a formal education. The truth is that self-education would make you the fortune you desire and not the diploma or the college degree. But this is a lesson you would learn along the way, at least before you turn 30.

  1. It is not about what people think

People’s opinion doesn’t matter. Only your opinion matters.  Most times what you attempt to do may not conform to conventional methods. However you should understand that our goals and aspirations are all unique to whom we are.

If I was to look back now I will focus more on not worrying so much about those things that are out of my control, and people’s opinion is one of them. So according to Gary Vaynerchuck, “learn to focus on your shit.” You would learn that the spotlight was never on you and they were probably consumed in their own problems anyways. So why make a big deal of their expectations of you?

  1. Life is not fair

It really has never been a fair game and will never be. Good things do happen to bad people and bad things do happen to good people.  You may wonder why you have to be the victim many times, but that doesn’t really matter. You have to learn to be responsible for your own actions, and never let what other people influence the goodness in your heart. Sometimes the bad guy will win or the sly guy will take be the one who gets the deal rather than the hero. It is life, sh*t happens. Have a proper mindset though. How you deal with the bad stuff and move on could be what defines your character and make you a person of impact. Always win in your heart.

  1. Failure is good for your learning process

Yes no one likes to fail. When you are younger and in school, it is somehow wired in you that failure is bad. And those who fail come last. But in the real world that is not always how it works. Failing forward and seeing every failure as a learning process propels you for growth. You are better prepared for future aspirations when you have failed. As far as you don’t stay down, but can rise again, you will survive. By the time you turn 30, you would come to understand that failure is not so bad after all. Those who have failed more times are better prepared to handle success.

  1. Money isn’t everything

You are young and could be excited about the freedom money gives you. But money isn’t everything. In business money shouldn’t be what you put foremost. According to Adam Legas founder of Nanodyr8, “We are here to be a river and not a reservoir, so let money become a tool to help you achieve your dreams. Rather than focusing on just money, focus on value.” Think of how you can contribute to your environment. Think of how you can connect with others and solve their problems. Build relationships and cherish those you already have.

  1. Take care of your body

Undoubtedly your body is your vehicle to success. If you take care of your body right, it will take care of you too. Most people when they are young may not comprehend how their body could impact their success. But trust me, your body does it for you. The effect of alcohol on your body is different as you grow older.  It is imperative to take care of your body so you can embrace the success you desire. Exercise. Not because you want to impress anyone or to burn calories, but because you will feel good when you do. You would reduce your stress and improve your mental abilities. Besides a little bit of physical activity for your overall well-being isn’t such a bad idea.

  1. Learn to live with purpose

As we grow older we may have to direct our energy and time appropriately. When we are young we seem to be everywhere. When I was young I seemed to be carrying so much on my shoulder. I was living a life and doing things because I thought I should them. Going to school, getting a job, getting married or having kids seemed the right thing to do. But sometimes we need to have a clearer perspective of those things that we really want or those things that we do need. Saying no to a lot of things is not such a bad idea. And as you grow older you discover that is not about working more or living less but it is about doing those things that essentially made you happy. It is about finding a purpose and living your life along a well defined path.


You shouldn’t be wary of making mistakes. Don’t let the mistakes you make overwhelm. It is essential you do make mistakes. But your focus should be on learning from these mistakes. The mistakes you made when you were 20 shouldn’t be the same mistakes you make when you are 30. Taking those big steps in your career, business and life may require guts and doing what is necessary. The mistakes you have made in the past serves as a compass to making the right choices.

If I were to look back, do I regret the mistakes I made? No. It served as the ideal lesson or tutelage for me to achieve success and embrace the goals or aspirations I set out to accomplish. Yes please do have a journal. The age 30 is pivotal to your career growth and how far you will go. So you should be able to realize those things that didn’t work out right for you in the past and use this knowledge in setting future goals.

Life should be lived. Believe in yourself. Understand that the master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried. Making those mistakes isn’t so bad after all if you are willing to push on to greater heights with consistency, determination and resilience. Good luck to you as you journey to the top.

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