Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

3 Ways To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

Self-belief is the very foundation of being able to achieve our dreams. If we don’t believe in ourselves, no one else will.

However, we often look to others to find validation in what we do, or seek some kind of ‘sign’ that we are on the right path. This is because all we want as human beings is to matter in this world. To know that our life on this planet has not gone without notice in some form or another.

We want to know that we have had some impact on someone or something, that when we are gone we will be missed or at least remembered in some way. This leads us to look outwards for that validation, and if we can’t find it then we start to doubt ourselves and second guess our decisions.

This is true for anything in life. If we can’t find that inner belief, looking elsewhere will only result in a downward negative cycle.

There are times when we do find that inspirational person who believes in us not matter what – that teacher who we always remember for instilling confidence in us, that random person that makes a comment about how great we are which sticks with us in darker times or even that one member of the family whose quiet faith in us keeps us going. These people are special, and often quite rare.

Constantly looking to others to find inspiration will always keep us on the hunt, always seeking. But what if we could dig deep and find the belief within ourselves? This could tip the scales and finally get us moving in the direction of our dreams. We wouldn’t rely on an outward source any more, but would have a fire at the core of us that is ready to fuel our actions.

So how do you start believing in yourself when you never have before or when the fire has fizzled out?

You need to radically shift your thinking in three ways.

3 Ways To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

  1. Believe in the possibilities

This is where we do look to others, not seeking validation but to see what is possible for us.

Thousand years ago most people believed the world was flat (actually there are some people still believing that in 2016). To believe otherwise was consider insanity. People were afraid to push their boundaries beyond their own horizons because of the fear of falling off the edge.

But there were pioneers who had utter faith that the world was round; intrepid explorers who paved the way for a new way of thinking and proved that not only the world was round but that there were new vast continents out there with riches beyond the imagination.

These pioneers are present in our own lives too. Those that show us a way. Those that allow us to believe in the possibilities.

Seek out those who have done what you want to achieve. Adopt them as your unofficial mentor. Watch how they operate in the world and allow that to shape your journey.

  1. Believe you ARE capable.

Believing we can achieve something sometimes takes blind faith. However, we ARE the sum of our experiences and so often we can draw on things we know for certain and know as truth to enable us to take those leaps of faith. This is the starting place for building belief and confidence in ourselves.

All we need to do is look to our innate talents, experiences, skills, strengths and wisdom and see how that feeds into what we are looking to achieve right now. Taking account of how far we have come and the things we have already achieved allows us to see the stepping stones in our journey.

  1. Believe in what you do

Knowing you can get the results is the final step in self-belief. Knowing is belief with certainty. Often this comes from having a track record behind us. If you’ve done it once before you know you can do it again.

So how do we develop this stage?

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Over and over again until you can dunk those basket balls without hesitation. When it comes to game night you know you’ve done it plenty of times before, it’s just a matter of visualizing and replicating.

It’s the same with anything you want to achieve. That past record gives you the confidence to show up and work your magic. And if you don’t have that past record, you create a past record by doing it. Whether it’s a sales conversation, a 100 meter sprint or asking for that opportunity. Keep going. Keep practicing, because the more you practice the better you will get and you will start believing more in yourself.

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