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4 Ways to Get Clear and Get Moving

If you want to get your life moving, alignment of clarity makes everything run like clockwork.

It’s the beginning process to setting up a fulfilling life doing what you want in the capacity that you want. Not having this clarity can leave you wondering why things don’t always work out work for you. Why every turn you make there seems to be just one more let down.

Let me ask you this. Is the world clear on what you want? If you’re not getting what you want, it’s probably because you are unclear and thus the world is unclear of what you want.

The world is a very generous place contrary to what many people think, but if you’re not seeing fruit it’s probably because they don’t know what fruit you like to eat.

If you would like to change that, then this may be an opportunity for you to ensure that you are clear on what it is that you want.

Below I list out four ways to do that.

4 Ways to Get Clear and Get Moving

1. Ask yourself where the world needs you most.

If you spend some time thinking about the needs in the world, you’ll find something that speaks to your heart clearly. Either it’s something you want to solve, you wish that it would be solved, or you are trying figure out how to solve.

Either way, something needs a solution and you know it. When you find this need there is an opportunity to see how you can play a role in addressing that need. There are needs everywhere, and there may be needs out there that are specifically important to you. If so, your heart is probably onto something.


2. Ask yourself what makes you come alive.

If you can’t find a need or a problem that needs a solution you might rather spend time focusing in the area of dreams and passions. Something excites you about life. What is it? What do you enjoy doing the most where time just passes by?

We can all answer this. We all have a joy that we’re connected with the most but are buried beneath layers of what the world is expecting from us. We need to start coming from our own expectations and deciding what that is. We also need to stop living our dreams vicariously through others, whether it would be in person or on TV.

It’s time to step out of the nest of watching other people wear the cape and put yours on instead.


3. Understand what you’re good at.

Have you heard the saying that if you squeeze an Orange you get Orange juice? True statement, we all know that. So think about what you’re naturally good at. When you’re under pressure what skill naturally rises to the surface?

Or perhaps it’s not about the pressure but about your bliss? When there is no pressure at all, what talent naturally wants to express itself?


4. Affirm what you are clear on every day.

Once you have a handle on where the world needs you – whether it’s to solve a problem or to express a passion – and you know what you can do that well write it down and affirm this every single day. You need to be absolutely clear that this is the direction you’re going in so the world will be clear as well.

As the world becomes clearer on what exactly it is that you want, you’re going to find more doors begin to open, the right fruits will show up, and everything will seem to line up.

All of this because you decided to simply get clear, so the world could be clear allowing you to step into your greatness.

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