Author name: Robert de Brus

About the author: IOn a mission for freedom, Robert de Brus is here to prove that we don’t have to wait until we’re 65 for dreams to come true. He has proven processes for guiding people from a life trapped by circumstances to new paths of freedoms that once seemed impossible. Robert is a former career coach, life planning expert, and founder of what was formerly known as 180 Career Coaching. He currently writes to experiment, provide tools, information, and inspiration on his website to help others in the pursuit of their dreams find what works.

get moving

4 Ways to Get Clear and Get Moving

If you want to get your life moving, alignment of clarity makes everything run like clockwork. It’s the beginning process to setting up a fulfilling life doing what you want in the capacity that you want. Not having this clarity can leave you wondering why things don’t always work out work for you. Why every …

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