3 Reasons Why Moving Is Good For The Mind, Body & Soul

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

The moment you have to choose to move to a new city, a dramatic fog settles over your mind. We’ll help make this a no-brainer: Toss your big girl panties on and look on the bright side. We know, moving is probably the last thing on your career-driven, family van-wagon mind – but just having these tips nearby may inspire a few positive vibes. You never know.

3 Reasons Why Moving is Good For The Mind, Body & Soul


1. Please Kindly Go Away, I’m Introverting.

Let’s face it: living in the same city your whole life can be boring. Lame nightlife, watered-down conversations, and hours spent watching Netflix because you’ve already been to the restaurant down the street. But, in this era of believers and doers, when one person carefully packs their handcrafted dreams into a suitcase carrying a one-way ticket, they are often confronted with stress instead of awesomeness.

Without trying to sound a little cheesy, this move is all about inspiration and discovery of you. Moving allows you to resign into a time of solitude to get your mind and body in the right state. You’re able to feed your passions and passion is what feeds the soul. Once you’ve stopped melting into a puddle of anxiety after the big move, you’re able to focus on personal growth, which will make you stronger.

Also, practicing solitude through mediation for 60 seconds a day allows you to regulate emotion. Don’t scare your new neighbors by blasting Enya, but meditating to accept yourself and your decisions makes you a more relaxed person.

2. Hakuna Matata

Head’s up, sister: moving can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Yep, it’s right up there with death and divorce. It’s hard to maintain a bad mood toward moving when you overwhelm your mind with thoughts of gratitude. Remember, the beauty of moving is its new beginnings. Maybe it’s time to take the dive and actually make that International move you’ve been dreaming about for a lifetime.  Taking the time to celebrate these thoughts of thankfulness, big or small, makes you happier and healthier. This boosts positive emotions, energy, and optimism. Priding yourself on small accomplishments and “happy thoughts” help you achieve results in work and at home.

Moving also allows you to detach yourself from the past. Moving forces you to make the decision to move forward with your life. Once you’ve entered a judge-free zone where you can let go of any mistakes or regrets. Many people struggle to know where to begin with this, but when you move you’re forced to face it.

3. Life Rewards The Brave

New city, a new you: That’s the plan, right? Alongside kick-starting a healthy meditation regimen, we could all do with a career overhaul. With stress being the new American epidemic, take time to focus on where your path goes.

When you’re just getting started in your career, it seems as though the dream is unattainable. You are dreaming of something bigger. Jenna Fischer, Pam from the “The Office,” came from humble beginnings. She made the trek from her hometown to Los Angeles where it eventually paid off.

Success can be a true thing of beauty, but are you willing to take the risk? A big move for a killer job title or personal gratification is a small step in this long journey toward your success. Your rise to the top can open up more opportunities that may not have been given to those who were not willing to take the risk. Remember, that you are more than your job so finding a home that is unique to your personality and your career-focus is essential.

Whatever path you choose, to move or not to move, a hefty dose of channeled positivity for your mind, body, and soul is in place. Armed with these nuggets of advice, you’ll head onward and upwards!


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