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6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your Passion Yet

6 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your Passion Yet

When anybody tends to give you advice for the future, how to become successful or make a lot of money or how to become a happy person, 90% of the time they will mention that you need to follow your passion. Most of you probably already knew that following your passion is the way to go, but you just haven’t found what it is yet.

“I don’t know what my passion in life is, I feel like I’m running out of time!” I hear you, but actually your passion may be hiding from you, right around the corner. You just haven’t quite stumbled across it yet. The real question is, are you ready to stumble across it?

So, why haven’t you found your true passion yet?

Passion and life

1) You Can’t Quite Grasp Change

If you haven’t found your passion yet, then something within your life needs to change. It’s a harsh fact for many of you that have become comfortable with what you do, but it has to be done. You are comfortable for all the wrong reasons and until you switch something up in your daily routine, you won’t stumble onto anything new.

You may not know how you need to change in order to find your passion, but you should know what you need to change and I think many people are just afraid to take that first step to kick their normal daily habits.

Switch it up, go outdoors, travel, meet new people, try new things. Change for the better.

2) You’ve Lost Track of What You Love

One thing that may seem slightly unusual, is that sometimes in life your attention quickly gets turned away from what you love. For most of us in life, it’s when we go into a job just to become financially stable and support ourselves. All our time ends up going into our jobs and we lose sight of what we love.

You might have given up quite a few things that you once loved in high school, when you entered the real world and got yourself a job. I’m not talking about the endless video games or the lie ins you loved so much. I’m talking about real passions, or things that could have turned into a passion, such as sports, hobbies, art, music!

Make an effort to re-introduce back into your life the things you gave up. You’ll thank yourself later.

3) You Want to Have Everything as Quickly as Possible

You know the type of people who jump into jobs or marriages so quickly because they’re desperate for the money or the love? They end up getting stuck in those positions, and sure they may be relatively happy with the money they’re receiving, or having a partner there for them, but they’re not always truly happy.

More often than not, they will end up having regrets in life, and these people are the sort that find themselves thinking “what if…”. They’ve never experience anything different; they don’t know how they’re supposed to feel about something because they have nothing else to compare it to.

Are you happy to settle for short term happiness, or take a risk for happiness in the long run?

4) You Don’t Know Where You Want to be

I guess that this point kind of ties in with the fact that you haven’t found your passion yet, because you don’t know what you want to do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unsure of where you want to be.

Do you know exactly how much money you want to earn, where you want to live, or who you want to be like? It’s definitely something to consider, because you may find that once you’ve decided on these things, your decisions for the future will link in with a specific career path.

If that particular career path sounds incredibly appealing to you, then I think you may have just found your passion.

5) You Don’t Look at Each Day as Possibly Your Last

If you looked at yourself in the mirror today and asked yourself; “If today was my last day alive would I do anything different?”, what would your answer be? Ask yourself that same question everyday, and if the answer is no for too many days in a row, you need to use your time more wisely.

If you had just one day left on this beautiful earth, what would you do? You would do the things that you love the most, right? Sure, I know you have a job, bills to pay, children to care for and so on, but what if you suddenly weren’t here tomorrow. Would you regret that extra hour you spent in bed, or those hours at night watching T.V?

If you have spare time every day, then do something you love, or something you’ve always wanted to do. No matter how small it may be, it has to be better than wasting away on the couch.

6) You Haven’t Tried Everything You’re Interested in

You know how you often take a look at something when your out and about, or maybe watching something on T.V, and you think to yourself that it looked interesting to you and right up your street. Did you ever get around to trying it out for yourself, or did you just forget about it as the next few weeks rolled by.

Occasionally you’ll notice it again, passing through the same place or watching the same program, but again you don’t do anything about it and instead you repeat your cycle of forgetting.

You need to try it out! That could quickly lead to you falling in love with the activity in question. No wonder you haven’t found your passion if you’re letting opportunities like this slip you by. Just go for it and don’t let them go to waste. I hate people who say “I’ve always wanted to try…”, just do it. There’s no better time than the present.


Go out, explore new things. Find your PASSION and you will find your purpose.


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