why hard work is the key to success

Reasons Why Hard Work Is The Key To Success

This article was last updated on December 5, 2021

If you are looking to achieve success in life, there are many different factors that will come into play, which is why you will find many different methods and approaches. There are quite a few self-help books out there claiming to know the key to success. Surely you’ve come across YouTube videos and advertisements insisting they can help you.

Most of the time, in situations like this, people are looking for a shortcut. Although completely understandable, there is one thing we cannot run away from. That is the fact that hard work is the foundation of any success. However, hard work itself is worthless if not focused.

Many start off working hard but begin neglecting consistency, patience, start going out every weekend, etc. If you have no plan, aimlessly work hard, and pray for success, it’s going to be very difficult. It takes more than just grunt work to get to new heights and achieve what you want. Generally, a plan is the best way to start, because having a strategy is always better than not having one.

More often than not, success doesn’t come by chance or luck. Overnight success is a complete rarity, that has turned into a goal for many, unfortunately. The truth is that success is the product of consistently and patiently working towards your dreams. Quite simple, really.

Of course, there are also many obstacles and hardships you will have to overcome, but it is inevitable. That is part of the journey. Mistakes and failures should not be discouraging, they should only be used as a tool to learn and know better.

If that is not enough to convince you or you are ready to learn more, we’ve compiled 5 reasons why hard work is the key to success.

Top 5 Reasons Why Hard Work Is The Key To Success

1. Hard Work Is The Price To Pay

There is a price to pay for success, otherwise, everyone would’ve achieved their dreams. However, the grim truth is that it is only a small percentage of the world’s population that become successful. Of course, success has a different meaning for everyone, but generally speaking, many cannot achieve what they truly want.

It is only through the equivalent exchange of hard work that we can get where we want to be and to keep going until the end.

This leads to the appreciation of your time and labor and leads to understanding important life lessons that will stick with you forever.

2. It Helps You Develop Discipline

Discipline is what makes or breaks you while chasing your dreams. Having the discipline to wake up every morning and work on yourself is easy in the beginning when you are motivated. However, motivation goes away at some point. At that moment is where your habits and discipline kick in.

We all have days when we want to skip work, not work out, order junk food, not read/learn, take unnecessary naps, etc. Some of these things are not necessarily bad, but if they become a habit, they also become a problem.

Discipline works as insurance for your future. It takes these small sacrifices and uses them to fuel your future life. Through discipline, it will be that you create habits, which then create routines that make you who you are. It is not our wishful thoughts that will lead us to success, it is what we do.

However, discipline is also applied to a different aspect of your life including fitness, school/university-related stuff, work-life, and dating life. It helps you develop yourself and your relationships, which can lead to possible partnerships, no matter if business, friendly, or romantic ones.

Once you develop discipline, or if you already have it developed, you will notice how easy it becomes to not buy that expensive hat, burger, earplugs, etc. on impulse. You will also feel better because you now know you have full control over yourself and your life.

This way, you will be building confidence, which will make everything easier. If you believe in what you are doing and who you are 100%, then achieving your dreams will be a child’s play.

Do not get discouraged if you have not developed your discipline to the level you want. Just like every other thing in life, it takes work to get it.

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3. Teaches Gratitude, Character, Values

Another key to success that hard work leads to is appreciation. When you start making sacrifices, you will also understand why the little things in life are important. Of course, you will also value your work and your achievements, but it doesn’t have to stop with work accomplishments.

A byproduct of this will be building your character, becoming a better person for you and those around you. It will also help you overcome laziness, procrastination, doubts, fear of failure, insecurities, and bad habits.

4. Capitalizing On Opportunities

Most people around the world are wasting quite some time waiting for things to happen. This is called living reactive life, whereas proactive is the way to go.

People striving for success will never wait for the right opportunity, they will try to create it, thus living proactively. Those waiting for opportunities (which they also rarely capitalize on) are just looking for excuses to delay action.

If you are living life proactively, you have a much better chance at creating the right opportunity and capitalizing on it. Some will say that you were “lucky”, but that is not even close to the truth. Those working hard towards their dreams and goals can seem lucky on the outside, but it is all a byproduct of what they’ve done up until now.

5. Simple: You See Results

Seeing results does not only keep you motivated, but it also helps you track your progress. No matter if we are talking about working out, career, dating life, self-care, etc. The only way to keep seeing results is to keep working towards a goal.

What naturally comes with seeing results and hard work is momentum. Momentum makes it easy to keep taking action and proceed with your life’s journey.

Another byproduct of seeing results is that you feel better, not only because there is development, but because you see the thoughts in your mind becoming materialized. You are satisfied with your actions and accomplishments.

Now that you have the fundamental keys to success, decide what you want to do, create a plan, go out there, and start taking steps to achieve your goals and dreams.

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