What are the odds

What Are The Odds? – Proof That Life Is A Miracle (Infographic)

Yesterday, while checking out reddit I found a really profound and interesting infographic and I had to share it with you. It dazzled me, more than it should have. Have you ever wondered what are the odds of you coming alive? The odds of you being you are not on a scale me and you could understand. So here it is  – an infographic that will blow your mind.

What are the odds? – Infographic

What are the odds, infographic, chances of becoming alive
An infographic showing what are the odds of becoming alive.


Did this make you feel unique and special? It made me. Don’t forget to enjoy life white it lats, because we do not get to live forever, so cherish every moment, even the bad ones. Also read 403 Words You Should Read To Yourself.

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