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The Only 5 Tips You Need to Know That Lead to Success

There’s too much life advice out there. Everyone’s claiming to have the happiness formula and the step-by-step plan that will lead you to success.

Truth is, things are much simpler than they look.

There are certain things to realize in life, a few decisions to take and to find a way to make them your principles and stay true to them. Together with building successful habits and staying motivated and patience, hard work, focus and dedication, that’s pretty much it. That means making sacrifices, saying no to 100 things, so that you can say yes to the few essential ones.

All this will lead you to success only if you do it long enough without losing enthusiasm, if you learn to accept failure as part of the process and not get discouraged by it, if you don’t listen to the naysayers and simply keep working on what you believe in.

And because there are people ready to give what it takes to lead the lifestyle of their dreams, but are confused by all the advice out there, here are the only tips you need to follow to achieve big things:

The Only 5 Tips You Need to Know That Lead to Success

1. Set goals, choose the most important one and take decisions accordingly.

Our mind needs to be focused on 1-3 big things at a time and to stay concentrated on them long enough to actually accept them on a subconscious level and then turn them into reality by making you take action and be motivated.

So prioritize. Think everything you have and want through, and notice how some things will come before anything else.

These are the things you care about, which you’re passionate about and want to keep doing for the rest of your life. Cherish them.

If you haven’t realized that every single decision affects you future, now’s the time.

When combined, all the daily decisions we take are the reason for our success, or the lack of it.

Also, there’s so much doubt with all the choices out there. That complicates things even more and we’re never sure if we’re doing the right thing.

The solution is easy. Set goals and every time you’re facing a tough choice, choose the things that resonate with your goals and vision in life.

2. Master time management.

Time is our most precious possession. We have a lot of it, but until we start to actually make the most of it, we won’t lead a meaningful and productive life.

Time management is a must if you’re trying to get ahead in life and get some stuff done.

It’s nothing more than building the right productivity habits, analyzing the reasons why you procrastinate and do something about them.

Now that I’m more productive, I don’t let any distractions get in the way as I value my time so much.

3. Live life on your own terms, but not just for yourself.

I’m all about lifestyle design. Whoever you are, you can take back control of your time and freedom by doing something you love, working hard to make it your career, and then have the chance to travel and structure your days the way you like.

But that doesn’t mean life is just about yourself.

It’s crucial to always keep in mind that everyone you meet is a human being that needs compassion.

So be kind. Don’t be rude even if the person deserves it. No one does.

Save your relationships by making compromises, listening more, smiling back when you actually want to start an argument.

Never forget that everyone’s fighting his own battle, lives in fears and regrets. So be compassionate. Do good and help whenever possible.

That’s how you live beyond yourself and have the chance to experience true happiness.

Giving is the best investment. And it keeps you alive as you’re doing something for others and not expecting anything in return. That makes life simpler and better.

You’ll sleep well at night knowing you’ve done your best, and will have peace of mind.

4. Don’t let a day go by without learning something new.

Be a learner beyond school and degrees.

Turn to self-education and make it a permanent part of your life.

That’s the only way to keep growing spiritually, to expand your horizons and to always know that there’s a lot you don’t know (that’s a powerful reality check).

If you’re not much of a reader, that’s alright. There are other options.

Consume new information using the medium you find most useful, talk to people, learn by doing new things and challenging yourself, travel, meditate and analyze yourself to get to a deeper layer of your consciousness and learn new things about yourself.

Don’t be afraid to learn things connected to fields you have nothing in common with.

That too engages you brain and you get more creative. You start doing regular things in an unusual way. And that’s how some of the best things in the world are born.

5. Don’t try to change others, change yourself instead.

Learning to accept and appreciate the people in your life for who they really are is a tough task, but a must in your personal development journey.

You need to make peace with your desire to change others. Show compassion instead and let them be. Always know that they’re doing their best. Or maybe they want to be that version of themselves and is what makes them happy.

It’s not your job to judge or try to control the direction of their life. It causes you discontent to constantly be disappointed when others don’t answer your expectations and don’t act the way you want them to.

But when you stop trying to change them, you’ll let go of this illusion you’ve created in your head of how they should live their life. Once it’s gone, you’ll just enjoy the time you have left with them.

So these are the only tips you need that will lead you to success.

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