The Best Advice I Never Got

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

Imagine you were 10 years younger and you had all the wisdom and knowledge that you have right now. What advice would you give yourself? Would your life be the same? I doubt so, definitely it wouldn’t be the same for me. ,so here is what I wish I knew sooner.

The best advice I never got..


The only thing standing between where you are right now and wherever it is you desire to be is information

Let me first begin by defining the word advice: an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action or conduct. Advice is simply shared information that is based on someone’s personal experience. With that said, is there really such a thing as good, bad, right or wrong advice? Or is there only your experience?

Information is the single most valuable thing any person can possess. Let me explain. In life the bigger and more difficult the problem you solve, the more money you make. Think about how fast tech startups are growing nowadays. Why? They are finding ways to solve some of our greatest challenges as people, while stripping the walls of limitations from our minds. The beauty of this is that the world is filled with problems. Problems that are in need of solutions and solutions that are in need of what? Yes, information.

Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

So why are we not using every moment to share advice with everyone we meet? Because we have all had that moment when we were given advice, taken action on that advice and the result was disappointing.

Problems evolve from moment to moment, which only means the advice and or information used to combat those problems must also. And just because a piece of advice worked for one person doesn’t necessarily mean that the same information will sustain its value for the next person.

What is critical for you to understand is that there is something to be learned from every human experience and remaining open to that possibility is the key.

So if I were to think of the best advice I never got, advice that I truly believe would support you on your journey of personal development I would say, “Don’t take your time, take your turn!” I wish this were an attitude I adopted earlier.

Information is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

There are a few things you must keep in mind: advice is only as good as you ability to apply it your circumstances. You must become a student of life, one who shares liberally and cares enough about people to listen generously.

You must trust yourself more than enough in order to take action when information is something what you don’t have enough. You must ask more questions to others.

But above all things you must have a strong will when others have a strong won’t.

Get it while the getting is good.

Right now in this very moment as your eyes lift the words from this article there are people who are walking in and out of you your life filled with information.

Information that if put in the right hands could take your life and everyone in your life to a whole new level. What are you doing about it? Is this going to be yet another article that you were inspired by and refused to take action? Or are you already thinking of the phone calls, emails, text messages you need to send today? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have everything the world has to offer you.

It’s always your turn.

On my door in my bedroom I have in big black bold letters… “Win another way.” You’ve got to take action. If you are inspired by a video or conversation- take action. If a new thought comes to mind for a business or company- take action.

If you’re driving and see someone on the side of the road in need- take action. If you’re tired of working for a person and feel undervalued- take action. If you’re feeling out of touch with your purpose- take action. Are you wondering why? Because action is what people remember and the universe rewards.

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Hope this advice helps you, now please share with me in the comments below what’s the best advice you never got? Looking forward for your answers!


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