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9 Self-development Tools To Become a Broad-minded Person

This article was last updated on December 4, 2015

How many of us have fallen into lethargy, letting one day following another doing ultimately meaningless tasks without making the effort to develop as individuals? We are so focused on going on to the next thing that we have no time to smell the roses, or to take stock of out own lives. The scary thing is, by the time we realize it, much of that life and all its wonders has just passed us by.

Well, it is never too late to start developing a meaningful life. Here are..

9 self-development  tools to help you become a broad-minded person.

1. Udemy

One of the first steps to expanding your horizons in self-development is learning something new. Udemy is a great resource for online courses you can take at your own pace, in your own home. You can type in almost any subject or area of interest, and it will offer you course suggestions. Are you thinking about making your own online game? You have a choice of 344 paid and 33 free courses. Even if you are the veriest beginner, you can choose from 12 free courses.  

2. Lumosity

If you suffer from brain overload like many of us, you can expand your brain capacity by playing mind games using this site. A team of neuroscientists developed the tools and games that will help you develop your cognitive skills. It personalizes your training program for memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem solving. It sure beats Candy Crush!

3. Lifetick

Want to get more in touch with the “real you?” Lifetick offers a goal setting app that doesn’t just track your progress, it also helps you establish your core values, i.e., what’s really important to you. The result is that your goals become more personalized, and by using the SMART goal-setting method, you can track your way to success. There’s also a journal feature and status widgets to help keep you inspired and on track. There’s a free version available, and it’s $20 a year for the pro version. You can also create a bucket list for your long-term future and you can share your goals with other members for extra motivation. Available for iPhone and Android devices.

4. MyPlate

Counting calories is boring, but you want to lose weight. The solution is the calorie tracker that not only counts calories for you, but also gives you healthy meal plans, motivational tips, and nutritional information. You also become part of a community that have the same issues as you do. After all, you will need a strong support system if you want to succeed in this endeavor.

5. TED

If you are a curious George, this is a good site to check out. It is chockfull of new and/or controversial ideas about anything and everything from all over the world. The goal is to spread ideas, good or bad, and get people to engage.  

6. StumbleUpon

Have you ever marvelled at how serendipity often changes the course of our lives? StumbleUpon is a good way to nudge that bulb in our brains.  You may happen on an article or video that could lead you to a new hobby, divert your career, or just make you a more interesting conversationalist.

7. TravelPod

How better to widen your horizons than by travelling? You can start your own travel blog, or simply live vicariously through the experiences of others.  You can also get great ideas of where to go and what to do when you get there.  Of course, it has an app (for iOS only) to keep you mobile.


Want to develop yourself in areas like  Productivity, Mindfulness, Saving Money or Writing? The app’s primary function is to help you track your progress, but before you can do that you need to get started. This app helps you find a life coach who can get you going and motivate you to stay on track.  The app is free, but the coaches are not. But then again, it is a small price to pay for improving the quality of your life and reaching your goals.

9. Freeletics

If you don’t have the equipment needed to exercise this is the app for you. Freeletics will help you achieve your ideal body. Get in the best shape of your life. With your individual training plan. High intensity workouts. Adapted to you and your goals.

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