How to Save Money

How to Save Money Using These 10 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Everyone wants to save money but very few people knows how to accomplish it. Even though there is an endless list of things you can do, most of them are not practical and people find them difficult to follow.  This is why people need to experiment with different methods of saving and adhere only to the ones that suit them best.

Here are a few ideas that will teach you how to save money by making small changes in your lifestyle.

  1. Prepare your own food

Preparing your own food has two benefits – it helps you save money and stay healthy. If you regularly have your lunch outside, try packing a good meal for few days for a change. In course of time, you will love the food and would be able to save money out of it. It takes time and effort to plan meals every day but, it is worth a try.

You can plan the meal you’re going to cook a day before. Slowly and gradually it will become a routine that you will enjoy. Further, when you cook your own meal, make sure that it is nutritious and healthy.

  1. Stop showing off

It is natural for you to imitate others and show-off a little, especially if you have friends who are lavish. But do not forget that this takes a toll on your savings before you even know it. It is highly recommended to lessen your hangouts with friends who spend lavishly so that you do not have to keep up with their spending pattern.

Even if you love doing something, choose cheaper options of getting things done. You don’t have to spend your weekend in the costliest hotels just because others are doing it. Believe in yourself and stop flaunting to boost your savings.

  1. Make use of happy hours

Having food outside is what most of us prefer as it is effortless. While you should definitely cook at home, you can also go out for lunch or dinner once in a while. This is a great way of bonding with friends and family. You should take advantage of happy hours and other offers in restaurants to make it less expensive.

Many places offer food at discounted rates on special days to attract customers. Make use of this and you will be amazed to see the amount you can save on an otherwise costly lunch or dinner.

  1. Switch to vaping

When the factors of vaping or the health risks of vaping are considered, they are found to be far less than smoking. It is also a fact that vaping is cheaper than smoking. Replace the pack of cigarettes with vaping liquid and you could save a lot of money in the process. Even after buying batteries, e-juice, and e-cigs, you will see that they do not sum up to the money you spend on buying cigarettes on a monthly basis.

  1. Pursue hobbies that don’t cost much

As human beings, all of us have some sort of passion. While it is reading for some, it could be skiing for others. If you do not have enough money to spend on the expensive hobbies like golf, you can still pursue hobbies that do not cost much. Some of the inexpensive options include swimming, reading, running and writing to name a few. The ultimate aim of involving in such activities is to free your mind of the daily stress. Any hobby will promise this, especially if you do it in groups.

  1. Spend according to your earning

If you are always worried about how to save money, then the easiest option is spending according to your income. Rely on your debit cards and avoid using credit cards. Credit cards cheat you by giving access to money that you do not have. This becomes a burden later and robs your peace of mind. If you are using debit cards, you will stop spending money the moment you run out of cash. When you make a budget for a month, think of how to accommodate your needs in the money you actually earn.

  1. Use online banking wisely

Online banking is for your convenience and you can use it wisely to cut your expenses. Choose the option to make automatic payments from your accounts once the bills are due. You can pay bills to individuals and companies using this option. Once this is set, you do not have to worry about manually paying them. The money goes to the recipient account on the specified date without your knowledge. This way, you will not unknowingly spend the money kept aside for the bills.

  1. Be grateful for what you have

One of the important lessons learned in life by great people is to be grateful for what you already possess. Material happiness never lasts long and you should not make it your top priority in life. Whatever you accumulate will go to someone else one day or the other. But if you become happy with what you have, this happiness will remain till the day you die. Stop complaining about what you don’t have and start loving what you have. This will save a lot of money.

  1. Have a library membership

Having membership in a library is always good because libraries are storehouses of knowledge. If you are a person who buys a lot of books and DVDs, you have a neat way of saving this money. With a membership, you can rent books and DVDs from the library without losing much money. Memberships usually do not cost much and this is a great way of saving money in the long run. Most libraries even have websites where you can request for books you want to read.

  1. Try DIY projects

If you are not a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you may better become one as this would help you in saving money. When you hire a professional for getting things done, you have to pay a lot of money which could be saved if you do it yourself. You can start learning basics of gardening, plumbing, maintaining bike and other basic things that are important.

An advantage is that you will get the satisfaction of doing it yourself in addition to learning new skills. You can also convert these DIY skills into your hobbies and make money out of it. Plus, this can be a wonderful way to keep moving. You can beat boredom and get a lot of advantages using DIY projects.

Your Turn

Here were a few of the ways through which you can break the bad habits and save money. Though you may not be able to follow everything, you will definitely find most of them practical and useful. It is possible that you might be already having some of your own ideas that work well. In addition, you can try these and see if they work for you.

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