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How Not Getting a Job May be a Sign of Success

Within three weeks of the New Year, I was approached with three job opportunities. The interesting part was I actually wasn’t looking for another job. In fact, in many ways I already had too much on my plate. Right off the bat, I knew two of them were not for me. One sounded quite interesting so I decided to throw my hat in the ring.

After several email correspondences three weeks went by and I still had not been invited in for an interview. I have to admit, I thought I was a shoo- in. Not only had I been approached by someone who already worked there, the skills required for the job, happen to be my forte. Once the position start date passed I decided it wasn’t meant to be.

The phrase is not to be often represents our first attempt at trying to let something go. For many, it is a gentle gesture of encouragement to move on. According to the Webster dictionary, the definition of it is not meant to be: means whatever it is that is happening was not supposed to work out. Fortunately for me I found another way see it.

How Not Getting a Job May be a Sign of Success

It was after my prayers, during a morning walk, you might say I had a stroke of insight. I realized each job opportunity had something in common, they were leadership positions. One was for a senior program director, another a director of a non-profit and the third was a sales representative for a fast growing company. At first I wondered if the universe was attempting to move me in a new direction but then I was told otherwise.

It turns out the message I received was that the universe didn’t actually want me to do something different it wanted me to be more present to what already existed. The reason I was approached was because people see qualities in me suitable for these types of positions. One of which is leadership.
It became clear, I didn’t need to change what I was doing but rather maximize my sense of being. This meant live (be) rather than (do) leadership. I saw it as a message to invest in myself rather than wait around for someone else to lift me up.

When we allow ourselves to be fully present the answers to some of our deepest questions are allowed to surface. Not getting an interview (at least right away) turned out to be a wonderful blessing. It got me to step up my game, be my own boss and create a foundation where others could flourish. It also sparked an inner curiosity of how to fully interpret this idiom “it wasn’t meant to be.” Here some additional insights:

Why Apply?

If we are drawn to a job opportunity we can ask ourselves if we are being led by our heart or minds? What is calling us to take action? In my case, it wasn’t the money. It was the opportunity to influence others in a positive way. I also liked the hours and flexibility.
Insight: The universe was magnifying the flexibility, independence within myself. It also wanted me to take care of myself by working more during the day when the children were at school. Rather than evaluate whether a position is good or bad instead receive the insight on how the universe may showing you what is important.

No Response

If we put ourselves out there and there is no response we may start to feel insecure or uncertain about our abilities. We assume things were not meant to be when in fact it may have nothing to do with us. As a result, we may judge rather than allow the experience to unfold. Judgment and fear clouds insights while love escorts them to the surface.

Insight: The universe is always responding to our thoughts and beliefs. If we believe our skills are not up to par or that someone else was in a better position to receive a job we may never receive the value and wisdom behind the experiences. It is when we believe in ourselves first rather the evaluation of others we begin to make choices from a place of self worth and confidence.

Letting Go

What I learned is letting go is an essential part to creating something new. Telling ourselves it wasn’t meant to be, may be a way to move on however, I question whether it really allows us to complete the experience. As result, we may unconsciously deplete our energy by hanging onto the past.

Insight: Letting go comes from being not doing. We cannot be if we are tethered to the past or projecting into the future. No doubt job opportunities require action and effort. However, it is not unusual to encounter some wait time.

How we approach this interim makes a difference. Approach from fear and frustration and we might find ourselves tangled in doubt. By choosing to connect to our bodies through breathing, awareness and movement we allow ourselves to be supported through the process. Letting go happens when we breathe and tune into our bodies. For me it was when I went outside for a walk the encouragement available was able to shine through.

In the end, I did get the interview. As I write this I still haven’t heard about the outcome. However, my insight has guided me to choose otherwise. If I am offered the position I will pass. What I have learned is to trust the universe, it never lies. When we are aligned with love opportunities, insight and wisdom will never cease.

Fear is what creates obstacles, while love removes them. Instead, I will continue to develop the qualities of leadership which were so generously amplified. In other words, rather than rely on others I will continue to create spaces where myself and others can grow. After all this truly is an aspect of coaching and leading others.

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