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15 Of The Greatest Web Sources For Creative Inspiration

This article was last updated on July 13, 2016

It is so frustrating to be in a situation when you’re all ready to go, but the ideas are not flowing. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem get on with it. This leads to exhaustion and a sense of failure, maybe even desperation, thinking and believing your creativity is gone.

Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then, and when you need it, you just need to know where to find it. Here are 15 unique sources of inspiration whenever you find yourself in a rut.

15 Of The Greatest Web Sources For Creative Inspiration


Design is tricky. Designers work with elements that are readily available to everyone. They have to find ways to use perspective, arrangement, pattern, cut, and texture to come up with a unique product. Here are some sources of inspiration.

1. FFFFound

This is an image bookmarking website that lets you collect images you like in your “Found” folder. You can also upload your own images and see how many other people find you an inspiration! Each time you do, the server can better refine recommended images for you. Simply install an extension if you use Internet Explorer on Windows XP or a bookmarklet for other browsers and you’re ready to be FFFFOUND!

2. Book Cover Archive

Book covers often have to capture the interest of a casual looker in the first glance, so they really have to pop. This website collects compelling book covers from all over to inspire book cover designer and other artists. The website also provide links to the portfolio of featured  book cover designers if you want to look deeper into their work. Typographics and Font In Use editor Stephen Cole offers font identification.

Bonus: Company Folders

Company Folders showcases over 300 folders in its design gallery, including a mix of client work and free templates. With dozens of downloadable templates, you can choose a design you love and make it your own. Browse artwork by industry, style, or imprint method to find what inspires you.

Content Writing

If you want to talk about ruts, talk to a writer. Writers often find themselves staring at a blank screen with an equally blank mind for hours on end. With a deadline looming, it is definitely a time to panic. Here are some sites that can jump start those creative juices.

3. Story Bird

All writing starts with an idea. It could be a keyword, a topic, or a theme. In this free publishing website, idea generation starts with an image, and not just any image, either. The collections you can browse by simply registering are beautiful illustrations by professional artists, and you don’t have to pay to use them for your storybook, long-form story, or poem. You can publish it on the site’s public library or keep it private. You can also print or download your creation by paying a small fee to Storybook. Artists collect royalties from Storybird when someone buys your work, and so do you/

4. Ted Talks

Here you will find the newest ideas from the world’s most inspired thinkers in the form of short videos (18 minutes or shorter). You can use this site to clarify and focus your own ideas on the subject, and get a new perspective. You can also get fresh ideas to build on. It really depends on what you need now. It is free to join the community, so get hopping!


People look to webinars and other e-learning opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones, but it is easier to do than teach. This article provides 10 of the more popular visual and organizational tools specifically for e-learning. You can also check out these two unusual resources if you want more options.  

5. Easelly

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and infographics is a great example of how people tend to remember more information if they see it in picture form. Easelly can help inspire you to create impactful infographics using any of the 60 free images and templates in exchange for registering. It is very easy to use and you will not even have to start from scratch. Type in your topic in the Search, and it will give you ready-made templates you can start building on and edit. If you need more options, templates, and other cool features, you can get their Pro account for $36 a year. Sweet.

6. Webrangers

This is a cool resource for e-learning creators from the National Park Service. It has a range of fun activities and games designed to teach children about the environment, geography, history, different cultures, languages, and math.  You can get inspiration about how to approach a topic from the offered activities, puzzles, and games. You could also earn Webranger status and share your Ranger station with your e-learners, encouraging them to try their hand at earning a badge on their own. The site is free to use, and has no advertisers.


Fashion is a funny thing. Most of the time, the clothes models wear on the catwalk are so weird, you cannot imagine anyone wearing them in real life. As an aspiring fashion designer, it is but natural that you want to get your inspiration by studying what the successful designers are turning out. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own take on them. Here are a couple of sites that can inspire you to be the best fashion designer you can be.

7. Look Book

This website features the favorite looks and fashion of real people from all over the world. Choose featured collections, or target specific countries to browse. You will see a huge variety of material, color combinations, prints, and patterns. You can love it, or hate it, but it is what it is. You can get some innovative ideas on how to strike a balance between mundane and inspired by flipping through the user uploads. You can also benefit from the tips and advice of real fashion designers.

8. Fashion Beans

This site is more structured, and focuses only on men’s fashion. However, it still features trends and fashions of real people. Since most fashion websites mostly concentrate on women, this is a great source of inspiration if you are hot to trot for men’s fashion.


Art is all about expressing yourself, so you need to plumb the depths of your being to bring out what you really want to say in visual form. However, if there is a short circuit between your brain and art medium, maybe these sites can help you reset the switch.

9. Inspiration Grid

This online magazine is a collection of artwork from all over the world. It ranges from paper wigs to mashups to clipart to illustrations. Browse your favorite topics and get inspired! You can Pin your favorites to go back to later.

10. Minimalissimo

Are you tired of intricate and complicated? This is the perfect site for your inspiration. Minimalissimo makes no bones about bringing simplicity to the fore. Stark whites and blacks throughout the site provide a startling contrast to most art collections, and can give you brilliant ideas for your next industrial, fashion, graphic, architecture, or accessory design.


If you are just feeling restless, and year to create something just for the heck of it, these three sites can help you get started.

11. Instructables

This is one of the most popular DIY sites on the Internet because it is extremely helpful and practical. Aside from getting instructions from professional DIYers for common projects, you can also browse ideas  from amateurs on how to creatively transform ordinary things into extraordinary ones.  The site encourages everyone to “share what you make.” Inspiring.

12. 99U

Instead of telling you what to do, this site encourages you to figure it out for yourself. It is chockfull of articles on how to bring your ideas to fruition. Their mission: “At 99U, we don’t want to give you more ideas—we want to empower you to make good on the ones you’ve got.



If you are itching to create something new out of a commonplace item or simply upcycle materials you found at home, then DIY projects are definitely your cup of tea. With so many things to do, how do you get started? Get inspirations from the sites below.

13. Method and Craft

Despite its name, this website is mainly a guide for graphic artists and editors in the wonderful world of using editing software. It provides articles, videos, and interviews on different techniques and methods to use common tools to create unique work. When you already know the basics, this is the site to go to level up your creativity.

14. Crafster

This site is to Instructables as Etsy is to eBay. The site focuses on a community of crafts enthusiasts eager to display the hip, offbeat things they do to the world to inspire others to explore their inner indie. If you yearn to be different, you can find kindred spirits here.

15. Craft Gawker

If you are more mainstream and into cute and clever, then gawk all you want at the projects on this site.  Get ideas for party favors, unique gifts, home décor, jewelry, and many more.  You can also post your own favorite craft ideas and share the fun.

These 15 sites may be a bit unusual, but they are all great sources for creative ideas.

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