no excuses, man lifting without a leg

21 Photos Which Scream NO EXCUSES!

This article was last updated on February 21, 2016

Do you have an excuse not to read this? Yes, you probably do. It’s all right most people have long before made up excuses for absolutely everything.

But no matter how legitimate, reasonable, excusable, tired, bored, unmotivated, lazy, partied out, discouraged, listless, lethargic, stupid, slack or whatever the hell you are, guess what?

There is someone out there who has it way worse than you and he is willing to try.

Don’t believe me? Check out these photos.

No Excuses

the only disability in life is bad attitude

Not to be happy and smile.

kid with no legs smiling

To not do what you love – make art. man with no hands drawing with his legs

To not climb mountains.

rock climber with no legs,

To not make music.

a dj without hands

To not look smoking hot.

43 year old japanese model looking young

Jung Da Yeon: Age 43. Age is not an excuse to not look hot

old bodybuilder

Nick Scott, no excuses

 Not to workout.

paralyzed woman lifting weights in the gym

bodybuilder with no leg

man lifting without a leg

Not to enjoy the beach.

woman without legs running on the beach

Not to read and study. A blind boy reading braille.

reading braille

No excuses not to train if you don’t have a gym near you.

gym training no weights, creative gym training

No excuses not to be happy with everything you own no matter how much it is.

black kids dancing

 Not to be grateful

why you should be grateful

No excuses to not get along with people from different races dog and a cat

No excuses to not move on with life charlie chaplin wicked quote

To not chase your dreams success quote

No excuses for the life you own if you end up with a boring miserable life quote

The Earth and The Universe are amazing. Stop making excuses! night sky

What’s your excuse now?
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