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What Happens When You Give A Homeless Man $100?

All over the world there are millions of homeless people. Some spend their days begging on the streets, asking passers by to spare whatever change they can. If you’re the type of person to drop a couple of pounds into someone’s outstretched palm, then we salute you. However, have you ever thought about where that money goes?

YouTuber JoshPalerLin decided to run a little social experiment to put some people’s scepticism to the test.

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

YouTube video

As you can see from the video above, Thomas isn’t your average homeless guy. Instead of spending the money he was given on drink or drugs (despite what Josh and his crew thought!) he used it to buy gifts to give to other people, stating that “he gets a kind of happiness that money can’t buy” from doing such good deeds.

Holidays are coming and this video just made my day, I hope it makes yours.

Be grateful, and always help those in need if you can with what you can.

Happy holidays guys!

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