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It’s all you – 3 Minute Video That Will Inspire You To Take Action

This article was last updated on December 29, 2015

Hey guys as most of you know every 1st day of every month I release a new motivational video on our youtube channel and this month I’ve got something special for you. The video is featuring motivational speeches from Greg Plitt, Tyrese Gibson and Les Brown. You will enjoy it and please don’t forget to share the motivation with your friends and family, thus helping us spread more positivity in this world!



Right now we have the most valuable asset  on Earth on our side – Time but it’s running out..

We have control of our minute,  our hour, our day, our week, our month and our year.

It’s later in life… as you look back on your life… the windows of opportunity have closed..  Your abilities are no longer present… And you think back that you could’ve been great…

Right now you have the ability to never have that debate inside your head. because that’s the debate you can never win. Everyone is like oh great – you are lucky, you got the cover. you got this great, everything you do is luck. Bullshit! Because before it was luck, it was a belief. And every day with no one watching at five in the morning by myself I trained, because I believed in it. Then I mastered it.. No I remastered it and remastered it, in hopes that one day my training ability collided with an opportunity to show it off!

You will always be in control of your destiny. It’s all you.

But ladies and gentleman go into action with you dream and don’t avoid where the fights are.. get in the midst of the fight, get knocked down so you can learn how to fight.. so you can hold you position..

The other thing that’s worse case scenario is fear. For many of you guys it – it robs you of your true potential.. Why is that? Because it’s a parasite, it feeds off you – The host. It’s fuel is comfort. When fear comes in to your body it’s at it weakest state. You could kill it right there in a second.. but you don’t, you turn your back it.

What’s the benefit of allowing fear to hold you back? What’s the benefit ……. of giving up on yourself? I’m not stepping out on life and taking life on.. What is the benefit for you?What’s the plus in that? You got to ask yourself – How long am I going to allow this to hold me back?

And right now you guys are sitting there And to make that first step is the hardest step….

If you have any suggestions (speeches or movies) for feature videos, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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