Handle Fashion Pressure

How To Handle Fashion Pressure and be Confident in Your Skin

This article was last updated on September 5, 2017

“The fashion statement in glamor world changes with the season. Accordingly, the teenagers also change their wardrobe. Mostly teenagers give priority to the fashion and style of the day. Even if they are unaware of the world affairs, they will remain aware of the latest fashion. Earlier, people of elite class and business tycoons mostly used to follow the recent trends.  But despite the status of the people everyone follows and maintains the present fashion”.

A lot of people stress over bigger issues in society, like drug addiction, obesity, violence, overpopulation, education disparity and much more. You may be one of the people who sit at home caught between the silver lining of those issues. But did you know that many people, most especially teenagers, are suffering from fashion pressure? Some feel inferior about themselves for not keeping up with the trendsetting slaves of fashion. But should you feel bad about yourself for not doing so? No, because after all fashion is not always about following the fashion gods and goddesses. Fashion also about expressing yourself in ways you are comfortable.

According to Erik Erikson, a developmental theorist, finding the personal identity is at the peak of the adulthood. Teens struggle to find their identities because they preoccupy their minds with acceptance from others. Ultimately, fashion pressures come from the influence of friends, parents, and magazines. HealthyChildren.org reported that 37 percent of teen magazine articles fixates on the topic of appearance as the research shows. As they play a major role to influence your fashion tricks, you should consider yourself too.  Here’s how to ease the fashion stress and start believing in yourself.

Fashion Trends Don’t Last Forever

What is in this season may not cool the next time. Fashion trends come and go. Trends always evolves. Don’t get stuck in contemplating what to wear because it will only make you frustrated. What you should consider first is the comfort. Are the clothes you are wearing comfortable for you? Do they make you feel good about yourself? If so, then you are heading on the right direction. There’s no point in wearing the latest trends if you are not absolutely comfortable in wearing them. But if you are, then that’s great! Don’t let anything hold you back from expressing yourself through your fashion statements.

Make Your Own Fashion Identity

The trends that many people follow also came from their fashion identity. That identity is theirs, and we can also make one for ourselves. We cannot pursue ideas that are socially acceptable every time. Make your own fashion identity and express who you are. It doesn’t matter what you choose for as long as you still dress appropriately for the occasion. For example, in the office, you probably wear smart casual clothes. Make sure that you pick the colors and prints that can best express your personality. This is the way to build your fashion identity.

Trends Aren’t for Everyone

If you push yourself to wear something because you just want to cope up with what’s the latest, you will suffer. Some trends are not applicable for everyone. Always remember that. But if you do want to try them out then why not? By trying on the latest fashion trends, you’ll also get to see if it fits you or not. You will be the best judge of that.

Fashion Trends Means Duplicates

You go out, then find someone who has the same clothes like yours. What would you feel? Awkward, right? Following trends means you are one of them, but will you stand out? Most of us buy our clothes from the stores and we know we’re not the only one with the same design. So the best way to go about this is to wear it differently. Add accessories that will complement your clothes. Make the statement yours and you will surely stand out.

Dress to Stand Out  

If you are not following trends, then there are more chances of shining out. You can always make your fashion remark. You can create your signature things if you refrain from following what is “in.” You can always go vintage if that’s your style. You’ll never go wrong with a classic look. You can go retro, too, if that’s your thing. Whatever it may be, for as long as you are comfortable and you feel good, then go for it!

Get Dressed for You

When you feel so confused on what to wear, go back to the basics. Choose what you like, not what other people like. It is for the sake of yourself, not for the trendsetters. A simple classic top will always save the day.

Trends Don’t Mean Happiness

When you buy clothes that you don’t like, do you still feel happy? Trends that will not make you feel good about yourself will never make you happy. Dressing up when you feel comfortable and ecstatic about it will get you look better instead.

Consider Your Budget

If you feel stressed for not buying a particular wardrobe, don’t feel bad.  You’re not alone. Not everyone can afford the clothes that they want. So, if you feel that way, stop and look at the brighter side. You can always revisit your wardrobe and see what you can reinvent. Make your creativity work for you.

What Goes Around Comes Back Around

If you feel like you can no longer use a pair of jeans today, don’t throw them away. In the fashion framework, what goes around comes back around. You can still use them when that time comes.

Don’t be self-conscious

According to a survey conducted by Dove, Australian women are having a hard time feeling confident and happy because of how they look. In fact, 89 percent of them are canceling job interviews and important appointments because they are very self-conscious of their body. If you have experienced anything like this, then you should know that it’s really less a matter of looking great, but of feeling great about yourself. If you are able to do that, then confidence will just radiate from you and people will see your beauty. Every time you feel conscious about your body, don’t stress out. Know and remember that it’s not worth it. Don’t compare yourself with models because those will only make you less confident.


In the glamour world, fashion expressions always change from season to season. It is a beautiful thing to doll up. But you must not become a slave to fashion trends. Invest what you have in things that make you happy and can shape you to be confidently beautiful. Marilyn Monroe said that “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” Don’t get insane trying to impress the people around you. Feel free to wear what is best for you. Fashion should make you feel good about yourself, not something that makes you feel pathetic nor a mere copycat. So don’t be afraid to experiment and try on the clothes you’ve been wanting to wear. Express yourself through your own fashion statement.


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