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How to Find the Best Mobile App Developer for Your Small Business

Creating a business in the 21st century is complex. It all starts with the idea of strengthening your business with a mobile application. No doubt being a competitive businessman or woman, you want to realize the potential of the idea to the fullest, and it seems nothing can stop you. But what to do if you’re not a coder and can’t implement your plans solely by your own efforts?

Here your collaboration skills come into play. Luckily, the market is full of companies developing mobile applications and games, so that you will have a wide option to choose from. A big question then arises: how to chose the golden egg of app developers?

Most likely, you’ll have to choose from these two types of mobile app developers:


Seeking for high-quality and cheap development? It’s all about enthusiasts! Typically these developers are just beginning their careers, but already have some positive feedback. A small number of reviews and developed projects force them to dramatically reduce the price for the series, which is a great advantage for you. Another piece of good news is that, as a rule, the starting enthusiasm and perfectionism (lasting for at least a half a year) won’t allow these developers carelessly. All in all, you have all chances to get at least an average-quality application cheaply.

However, there’s a trick that may work against If you order not a freelancer but from an agency. You will risk getting a low-quality app. That is so because such companies often hire students and beginners without any experience in the field. Also, the deadlines may be broken for the reason novice developers can’t accurately estimate the time needed to bring the project to perfection.


Seeking for the app of the utmost quality, you, most likely, will search for top freelancers or agencies. Are there pitfalls? No. However, it will cost too much. Another possible disadvantage is that the “professional” will try to implement his ideas within your project, thinking he knows better how it works and how to appeal to the target audience. Alas, good intentions may bring bad results.

Choosing a contractor is always a risk, but having spent a little time on the research of potential counterparts, you will save a lot of time, money, and nerves which you would spend on solving conflict situations.

Below is a list of checks that will allow you to cut off incompetent, non-mandatory or disinterested developers.


Here you need to evaluate several factors. This includes the presence of the relevant mobile application, big brands, and the general adherence to development trends. However, examining the multi-page page portfolio consisting of many pictures is ineffective. Try to focus on one product and study it to the fullest detail.

Feedback from Previous Customers

The only way to learn about the decency, punctuality, and diligence of a potential developer is to contact those clients who have already worked with him. Don’t ask the developer for the contacts – find them by yourself as the freelancer can share with you only the satisfied customers, distorting the objective satiation. Ask previous clients whether everything was completed on time, whether they were satisfied with everything, whether any additional payments were changed in the process, etc.

 Care and Accuracy

Assigning the time of the next call, name the exact time and give yourself a reminder. If the freelancer doesn’t respond, most likely, he is poorly organized or not too interested in collaborating with you.

Technical Support of Completed Projects

About 80% of completed projects require permanent updates, including bug editing, design updates, and other pleasant trivia. A proficient developer will notify you about it. If he doesn’t, do it by yourself and ask whether this service is included into the initial price. Unplanned additional payments point out to dishonesty and greediness.

 Additional Services

Writing a technical task for a mobile application, consulting a designer, promoting your project and even analyzing the mobile market. All of these services will be offered to you by a competitive freelance developer that confidently stands on his feet, understands his customers and their needs. The last advice is no to rush. If you have a too small budget, you should either postpone the development or reduce the number of application features to the required minimum. In any case trying to save too much on the developer may result in total failure. Good luck in your business endeavors!

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