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Can Retail Therapy Help Boost Your Mood?

Just had a break-up or experiencing some severe mental trauma? Then the first thing that females, and nowadays men, favour is to go for shopping! Many would question the use of the retail shopping to help boost your mood. However, a study recent study suggests that “Purchases made during a retail therapy session are unexpectedly beneficial, which leads to mood boosts with no regret or guilt.” According to the authors of the study, Margaret Meloy and Selin Atalay, “Retail Therapy is a strategic effort and process and retailers could learn from their personal findings as well. When done in moderation, retail therapy can be an extremely beneficial tool to help boost your the mood.

Let us have a look at how retail therapy works as a stress buster in your day-to-day life.

It can brighten your mood

Another study at Journal of Consumer Psychology states that retail therapy has enhanced therapeutic value and improves mood as a result. When they further researched and studied the typical human behaviour, they came to know that it depends on the emotional state that the person was experiencing beforehand.

The researchers, Rick and his colleagues, also stated that if external factors drive your decision, then you should start making decisions yourself . Where to shop, what to buy and so on. This will help you gain some control over your life.

When you step out for shopping, you may think that you need to purchase some cool looking outfits that suit your persona, or may be some trendy and cool jeans. But you need to look at the spendings and expenses as well.

Ease transitions

A professor at Golden Gate University, San Francisco for psychology and marketing, Kit Yarrow, is of the opinion that when you shop to your heart’s content, then you will more easily enter a new phase in your life. She also quotes that shopping is a rich source of mental preparation, so this helps for an easy transition into some other phase of the life.

According to Yarrow, at the time of shopping, people will visualise a better future and accordingly, purchase the products. When you are buying for your little one, you will visualize some cuddly moments with him/her, despite the fact that you are suffering from personal loss, for example. This is just one instance that illustrates how shopping helps to divert the attention of the people and make them feel good.

Enhances dopamine level

Another research demonstrates that when you are going out for shopping, you get excited. The time you get excited and thrilled, your brain gets brimmed with the hormone called Dopamine. Dr Travis Stork, one of the researchers, noted that the portion of the brain filled with Dopamine is same when the person is having intercourse, for example.

Improves child’s overall development

According to the study by Dr Laurence Roope and Professor Paul Anand at Daily Mail, shopping is an activity that requires more of movement and needs to interact with the people of different types. So this has the potential to enhance childrens’ social skills.

Sometimes it may seem like shopping with your little one is a nightmare. However, the fact is that while you step out for a retail therapy with your kid, they could be benefiting in the long run.

Final Words

Still worried or tensed about your future and life? One of the best way to deal with such issues retail therapy in moderation. When done right and within limits, it can help you to get rid of  the stress and tensions of your life.

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